Abarth 595c Convertible Lease

As one of the only small hot hatches available with a folding roof, this is a great choice for new drivers or young professionals needing a stylish ride around town. The Abarth 595c offers plenty of appeal from its appearance to its drive. Less More

In Abarth’s range, the 595c is joined by its sibling, the 595 Hatchback. The 695c Convertible is a popular choice for those looking for a faster and firmer model.

The low running costs are a great appeal to budget-conscious drivers who want a sporty model that doesn’t guzzle gas. Capable of up to 40.9 MPG, it’s a capable car for urban driving.

The appeal of the 595c can be found both in the exterior and interior. It’s got a huge grille, black air intakes and splitter that hugs the ground. Along with large alloy wheels and chrome exhaust tips, you’ve got a very sporty-looking car. 

The interior continues the sport-style features with bright red detailing and supportive seats that carry you from A to B with comfort. Higher trims come with upgrades to the dashboard trim and other areas in the cabin. Those looking for a thrill-seeking drive will love Abarth’s turbocharged 1.4-litre petrol engine, capable of up to 180 BHP. 

It’s one that will make an entrance and you’ll hear the sound of the exhaust clearly with the roof down. The convertible feels agile on the road and easy to drive around town. Reaching 0-62 in as little as 6.7 seconds, it’s perfect for blasting down country lanes with the rooftop down and your favourite music playlist on full volume.

A car of this size has very little to compare it to when it comes to a similarly priced model. Other than the Fiat 500 Convertible, the Mazda Mx-5 Convertible is similar but offers a step up in sports-drive.

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