Abarth 595 Hatchback Lease

The Abarth 595 Hatchback is a great choice for young drivers or new drivers on the road that are looking for a sporty and eye-catching model. This model from Abarth is a fun drive and one to consider for your next lease. Less More

Abarth is known for creating sporty city cars. The 595 is available with a drop-top in the form of the 595c Convertible. The next step up is the Abarth 695 Hatchback.

The 595 Hatchback is fitted with a 1.4-litre petrol engine which delivers up to a generous 41.5 MPG, making it a cost-effective drive for those on lower budgets. It’s not all about the money though - this little car can do 0-62 in just 6.7 seconds.

The sporty experience continues with Abarth’s race-car-inspired rev counter and comfortable sports seats. If you’re also one to make an entrance, then the engine provides plenty of noise. With a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the Abarth 595 is a nimble model.

Entertainment features within the cabin include a 5.0-inch touchscreen with smartphone mirroring. On the Turismo and Competizione trims, you can option an upgraded Beats stereo for a beefier audio experience.

Young drivers benefit from the range of safety features available with this model. Features include a reverse parking aid, an anti-lock brake system, tyre pressure monitor, and an electronic stability program.

The Abarth 595 is not short of worthy competitors. Similar models include the Fiat 500 Hatchback and the Volkswagen UP Hatchback.

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