Abarth 695 Lease

An Abarth 695 hatchback Special Edition car lease is perfectly suited to those that want to enjoy the stylish and powerful small car sensibilities of a high-end Abarth model. The Abarth 695 has always been the more powerful Abarth, and this elegant 70th anniversary 3dr special edition is a celebration of the small Italian car. We've gathered the best Abarth lease deals for this fantastic model below.


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Abarth 695 70th Anniversary

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1.4 T-Jet 180 70th Anniversary 3dr
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Leasing an Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition

Background to the Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition

The Abarth 695 was designed by Carlo Abarth in the 1960s, but that is not to say that major improvements in performance and features have not continued. A classic design it may be, but it is a major upgrade on the Abarth 595 range lease deals, particularly regarding the powerful 180hp engine.

Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition Engines and Performance

The fuel type for all Abarth vehicles is petrol. This includes car leasing models and, more specifically, the Abarth 695 hatchback Special Edition. As a small car, it has low emissions at 139g/km. It’s combined fuel consumption is 47 mpg. The 1.4-litre T-Jet engine is powerful beyond what can usually be expected for a small car, accelerating from 0-60 in just 6.7 seconds.

Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition Trim Levels

From Green Monza to Podium Blue and including Gara White, Scorpion Black and Circuit Grey, the aesthetics are almost as important as the performance with these character-filled small cars. For the most part, however, the Special Edition model comes with all the high-end features you need as standard.

Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition Safety and Infotainment Features

As the Abarth 695 hatchback Special Edition comes as the complete model, you receive the best quality infotainment features as standard. These include a 7-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility. Koni shock absorbers provide excellent grip in all conditions, thanks to the car’s Frequency Selective Damping technology (FSD). The perforated braking system also provides high quality and peace of mind.

Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition Servicing and Warranty

Abarth cars come with three-years’ warranty as standard. You should be sure to have the car serviced every year or 9,000 miles to ensure that it maintains its performance.

Related Models from other Manufacturers

Other similar models include the Fiat 500 is the nearest comparable model. LeaseFetcher Fiat 500 leasing deals are among the most popular of all models, but if you want more power, then the Abarth 695 hatchback Special Edition is the perfect choice. The Kia Picanto car leasing deals provide much of the personality of the Abarth, but without the same engine power.

Finding an Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

LeaseFetcher exists to provide a platform for those interested in car leasing to compare similar models. The filtering system uses FCA-accredited BVRLA brokers to help you match different aspects of the vehicles and pricing, such as excess mileage costs, special offers, initial payments, performance and features. This facility enables you to make an informed choice and find the best deal for the most suitable car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Better to Buy or Lease an Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition?

The main advantage of car leasing is affordability. Buying a new car is a huge undertaking for the majority of people and high-end models, such as this, makes this even more so. Due to the fact that vehicles depreciate in value the moment they are driven off, leasing may also be a financially sound decision long-term.

How Much is it to Lease an Abarth 695 Hatchback Special Edition?

Contract hire is notoriously hard to predict regarding costs as it will depend on a number of factors. For example, a quote will need to take into account your mileage, whether it is a monthly rental and whether it is business contract hire (which does not inc VAT). This is where LeaseFetcher can help.