Audi A4 Saloon Review

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The Audi A4 Saloon is an executive car with a ground-breaking MMI infotainment system to back up its glossy aesthetic. Sophisticated beyond its years, the A4 Saloon is a classic all-rounder.


  • Beautiful car inside and out

  • Comfortable and practical - makes for a good family car


  • Handling isn’t as good as rivals

  • Higher trims are really expensive



Driving Experience






Running Costs


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Overall Verdict

The Audi A4 Saloon is a great compact saloon that will also keep the family happy. Even the most basic trim has got a great amount of tech, and Audi's MMI infotainment system is fantastic. The petrol and diesel engines both have respectable fuel economy and decent CO2 emissions. There's plenty of engine options available, so you can find the sweet spot between low running costs and powerful performance. 

The driving experience is excellent. The A4 Saloon is powerful, smooth, and as good on city streets as it is on the motorway. It stands it's own against similarly priced executive cars, like the Lexus IS. Both the six-speed manual and the seven-speed automatic gearbox perform well, and make for a relaxed driving experience. 

For a saloon, the Audi A4 offers plenty of practicality. There's enough boot space for day-to-day life, offering 480 litres of room. Overall, the Audi A4 Saloon is a pleasure to live with - it's visually stunning, luxurious, practical, and drives well. What more can you ask for? 

Available Trims


The Audi A4’s entry level trim feels anything but basic. The Technik trim comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and premium tech, like Audi’s signature Virtual Cockpit, sat nav, three-zone climate control, front and rear parking sensors, and heated front seats.


The Sport trim adds a few extra features to the technik. Obviously, it packs sportier style choices, like front sport seats, slick front and rear bumpers, as well as 18-inch wheels.

S Line

Even sportier, the S Line comes equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels and a lower sport suspension. It also comes with LED headlights, and S Line decorations dotted around the car. In addition, the pedals in the car are stainless steel, which is a very nice touch!

From £30,095.00 or £279.51 per month on LeaseFetcher

Black Edition

The highest end trim available, the Black Edition has all the features of the S line but with a few aesthetic differences. The grille, window trims, sporty rear spoiler, and air intakes all are jet black, making for an intimidating (in a good way) looking car.


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The A4 Saloon received a much needed facelift in 2019. Prior to that, the saloon model was pretty dull looking - it didn’t stand out much from the waves of other saloons. 

Now however, the A4 Saloon packs more aggressive styling choices, with a nice combination of sporty styling and elegance. This classy redesign ensures that the new Audi A4 can compete with the likes of the intimidating BMW 3 Series, the luxurious Mercedes C-Class, and the classic Jaguar XE. 

Driving Experience

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The Audi A4 Saloon comes with 6 engine choices: 3 petrol and 3 diesel. 

The entry level is the 35 TFSI 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine. With a respectable 150hp and 270Nm of torque this car doesn’t feel anything like an entry level car. Going from 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds, the 35 TFSI is a great option.

A popular mid-range option is the A5 40 TFSI Black Edition 2dr S Tronic which packs in a 2.0-litre turbo with 245hp and 370 NM of torque. Revving from 0-62mph of 7.3 seconds and an official mpg of 47.1 (more like 40 in real life), this is a great option if you need performance and efficiency. 

The top of the range is the Audi S4 TDI, which comes with an incredible 347hp diesel engine and 700Nm of torque. The Audi S4 TDI goes from 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds, while still netting a respectable 40.9mpg! 

As standard, the Audi A4 Saloon comes in front-wheel drive. However, if you want all-wheel drive for extra power, you can opt for an Audi “quattro” model. 

Driving Position

The A4 Saloon is a seriously comfortable car. Even the most basic trim, the Technik, comes with four-way lumbar support adjustment. Any trim higher than this also comes with better, sportier seats that keep you nice and secure around corners. 

That being said, you’d have more fun in other saloons, like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which offers a way sportier driving position. That’s not to say that the A4 isn’t great, however - just not the best in class! 


The A4 has often fallen short in the handling department, and this still rings true. While there’s definitely a much better feedback element, it’s still no match for the likes of a BMW 3 Series Saloon.


Funnily enough, the basic trim (Technik), offers the most comfortable drive experience. The bigger alloy wheels and lower suspension on trims like the S-Line offer a more sporty driving experience, but you definitely feel more of the road. All models feature an adaptive suspension, which works brilliantly.

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