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The RS3 is a compact car for professionals that aren’t satisfied with ‘good enough’. Now in their second and third generations respectively, the RS3 Saloon and RS3 Sportback feature higher top speeds, quicker acceleration, a larger front grille, and more aggressive styling.  Less More

Where does the RS3 range fit into Audi’s line-up?

The Audi RS3 is Audi’s ‘racing sport’ answer to the best-selling A3 range. But it’s not the only car in Audi’s lineup to get a makeover. The RS4 Avant is an estate with serious street cred, and the RS5 range is pricier but sleeker and more powerful.

Which model is best for me?

If you want a smart but sporty family car that also holds a Nürburgring record and would make you the envy of the workplace, the RS3 Saloon is a no brainer. 

If you’re also looking for an occasional load-carrier, the RS3 Sportback may be the more sensible choice. The boot opens much wider, which should make storing things like prams or golf clubs considerably easier. 

The RS3 has an unrivalled fit and finish, including:

  • RS leather sports seats.
  • Sleek infotainment set-up.
  • (On Carbon Black and Vorsprung trims) Carbon-fibre instrument panel, flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, and fine Nappa leather RS honeycomb-stitched seats for a truly luxurious racing feel. 
  • Upgraded 12.3-inch virtual cockpit display, with RS-specific features like a ‘G-meter’ and lap counter. 

Why should I lease an Audi RS3?

Want to rock up at work in a luxurious, record-holding race car every day? With an RS3 lease, there’s no reason why you can’t! With an RS3 lease, you’ll only pay the amount that your car is expected to depreciate over the course of your lease. You’ll also get:

  • A brand new car: Sports cars are meant to be pushed to the limit, but over time this can take its toll. With a factory fresh RS3 on lease, there won’t be any hidden repair costs down the line. 
  • Upgrade every 2-4 years: Want the latest tech as soon as it's released?  With an RS3 lease, you can return your car at the end of the lease agreement and simply take out a new one. No need to worry about selling your old car!
  • Flexible contract terms: You choose your annual mileage, lease length, and upfront payment. 
  • Road tax for free: Road tax is factored into your monthly lease payments and you won’t have to pay for an MOT if your lease lasts for 3 years or less!

What does Lease Fetcher do?

Lease Fetcher is the UK’s first car leasing comparison website. Each day, we work with leasing brokers across the UK to bring you the latest RS3 lease deals. You can compare them all in one place with Lease Fetcher!

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