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Heart set on a particular car body style? We’ve rounded up the best cars for just about any body style you can think of.

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Best Compact Saloons

Time to treat yourself? Kids moved out? Mid-life crisis? After all your hard work and dedication over the years, do you feel it’s time to dip your toes into the luxurious world of compact saloons? From the definitive low, sporty design, to the sophisticated interior, through to the premium tec...
7 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Alasdair Cherry

Best MPVs and People Carriers

Multi-Purpose vehicles (MPVs), more casually referred to as people carriers, are the ultimate vehicle for large families. Practicality is the name of the game here - MPVs need to be functional, comfortable, and safe. On the whole, MPVs are a fraction of the price of SUVs yet offer more practicali...
6 minutes Published: 14/04/2020
Alasdair Cherry

Best 4x4 Cars

Are you on the hunt for a strapping vehicle that comfortably fits a growing family? Maybe the adrenaline junkie in you fancies some off-road action? Or better yet, you just fancy a four-wheel drive with an air of style and panache? We don’t blame you one bit!  4x4s are extremely versatile cars...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Alasdair Cherry

The Best Small SUV Cars of 2020

A small SUV is a good choice if you fancy the space and ride height of a large SUV, but don’t need the four-wheel drive off-road capabilities! Whether you need more room in the back for all your downhill biking gear, or enough space for the big shop, there’s bound to be a car on this list th...
10 minutes Published: 11/05/2020
Sidse Sorensen

Top 9 Best SUV Cars of 2020

SUVs are the latest trend in motoring, offering a high driving position so you can see more over the road and of course, lord over the smaller cars on your daily commute.  In all seriousness, one of the main appeals of an SUV is the spacious interior and practicality. Whether you need the extra ...
7 minutes Published: 11/05/2020

Best Convertible Cars

A convertible is a great choice for anyone who loves to feel the breeze through their barnet as they fly down country lanes on a scorching summer day… It’s a given that you’re not going to get the level of practicality that you’d get with an SUV or an estate car, but it’s important to h...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Rowan Harris

Best Affordable Sports Cars

In the market for a flash and fast set of wheels? Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill performance hot hatch. Go the whole hog and take your pick from a catalogue of gleaming sports cars. Really, with a sports car, you tend to focus less on practicality and more on how much power you can fire to ...
9 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Emily Hanson

Best Estate Cars

Whether they’re used for family holidays or trips to IKEA, estate cars are a staple of British culture.  With big boots and optional four-wheel-drive, there’s little that SUVs and MPVs offer that the estate car can’t match. In fact, the deep, flat, low-level boot offered by estate cars can...