Diesel? Petrol? Hybrid? Electric? Check out our fuel type and emissions-related best car round-ups below.

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Best Low Emission Cars

The climate crisis is all over the news at the minute, but that’s not the only reason why you should want a low emission car. Whether it’s an Electric Vehicle, A PHEV or just a frugal petrol engine, each offers a number of benefits for both the driver and the environment. For one, the lower ...
9 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Rowan Harris

Best Diesel Cars

What does the future hold for diesel-powered vehicles? That’s the million-dollar question for today’s motorists. There’s been lots of humming and hawing over potential solutions to the fossil fuel dilemma including the worldwide pledge to cut out internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) c...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Alasdair Cherry

Best Petrol Cars

One of the first decisions you’re going to have to make in your pursuit of a brand new car is whether you fancy a diesel, petrol, or even an electric/hybrid engine. You’ve got to have a think about what’s best for your type of journeys, the environment and your wallet. For many, hybrids an...
7 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Alasdair Cherry

Best Euro 6 Cars

Do you remember where you were during Dieselgate? If you’re not familiar (where have been, under a rock!?), Volkswagen got in a lot of trouble. They rigged their cars to alter their “official” diesel emissions figures. The numbers that came out of the test procedure were A-okay. But in actu...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Emily Hanson

Best Electric Cars

We Brits are slowly but surely embracing electric cars, despite what your petrol-guzzling boy racer mates might say.  Electric cars have the performance, efficiency, and the range to be practical for the vast majority of drivers. It’s understandable that electric cars didn’t have a huge init...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020

Most Economical Cars

“I am sick to death of filling this tank up and have it emptied out like that!” you say, snapping your fingers for emphasis. “Enough of the fast and furious. I want the most economical car I can get my hands on.” It’s frustrating making trip after trip to the petrol pump when you’re n...
10 minutes Published: 14/04/2020
Emily Hanson

Best Hybrid Cars

'Self-driving cars'. 'Autonomous vehicles'. Boring. Where are the flying cars the 80s promised us?! I want a DeLorean that runs on garbage!  These days, car manufacturers are focused more on developing more efficient and larger electric car batteries than figuring out how to undertake futuristic...