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Looking for a car for a particular purpose? Carting kids from club to club? Need a high-up view of the road? Or a small set of wheels to zip through city streets? You’ll find the car for you in the lists below.

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The Best Automatic Cars of 2020

Face it, you're not a gear head. A slick shift from 1st to 2nd doesn't fill you with joy - not least because you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on a daily basis. Some of us just want an easy life, and that's okay. Automatic cars in the UK used to only be found in upmarket, more luxurious...
8 minutes Published: 11/05/2020
Sidse Sorensen

Best Luxury Cars

Luxury cars. Only the best will do. Leather interiors, top-tech and best in class comfort.  You’ll be paying big money, after all… So, you’ve hit the big score, but which should you go for?
13 minutes Published: 12/03/2020
Rowan Harris

Best City Cars

7:45am. You’re feeling optimistic today. You’re going to nab an on-street parking spot near your office. You’re not going to trek 25 minutes to the building from the nearest available space you’re usually lumped with. Things are looking good so far as you reverse out of your spot in the u...
9 minutes Published: 14/04/2020
Emily Hanson

Best Small Luxury Cars

For years and years and years, buying a small car meant buying a budget car. If you wanted something flash and fancy, you had to go big. Nowadays, not so much. Luxury car manufacturers are falling over each other trying to enter the small car market. Audi has their A1, Mercedes has their A-Class,...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020

Best Family Cars

You stare wistfully at her, knowing that this is the last time you'll ever see her.  Handing over the keys, you think of all the good times.  This wasn't just any Ford Fiesta ST - this was yours. You spare a passing glance at your children before one more pleading look to your partner. She's no...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020

Best 7 Seater Cars

For many the word '7 seater' brings to mind the image of a miserable parent hopelessly cramming children, luggage, and who knows what else into an extremely boring looking car. Let's face it, no one really wants a 7 seater. It's not exactly high up the desirability scale, and a 7 seater has never...
8 minutes Published: 12/03/2020

Top 10 Best Small Cars of 2020

Sure, SUVs and crossovers are all the rage right now. People rave about the higher driving position, the sleek styling, and the practicality. But do you really need one? Your 25-minute commute is spent driving through towns and cities. Is AWD essential? Bigger cars come with higher running costs...
7 minutes Published: 15/05/2020

Best Small Cars with High Driving Positions

When you ask a bunch of prospective new car buyers what they want, the phrase ‘High Driving Position’ is bound to come up. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean a big, clunky SUV.  While there’s nothing wrong with a full-sized SUV, they’re definitely too big for many drivers - you live in...
7 minutes Published: 14/04/2020

Best Cars with High Driving Positions

The humble hatchback is becoming less and less popular as SUVs and Crossovers continue their quest for automotive domination.  What is it about being up high that us Brits can’t get enough of? Is it the feeling of lording over the peasants in their little city cars? Do we feel indestructible i...