Infographic: 8 Amazing Cars that World Leaders Drive

Watch a motorcade of world leaders travel through a city on the news and you'll soon realise that they don't blag a lift in any old rustbucket. They have vehicles specifically designed for that task.

Surrounded by enormous crowds of civilian observers, transporting the Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Prime Ministers of our countries from Point A to Point B is an unenviable task – especially when you consider the incredible range of security threats that they face in the 21st century. There's everything from errant shoes to killer drones to contend with.

That's why the the official state cars that they use are kitted out with a variety of advanced security features. Think heavy armour to catch bullets and shrapnel. Bombproof, reinforced windows and floors to withstand explosions. Airtight cabins with their own internal oxygen supply. Their designers have really thought of everything.

Through clever engineering, the state vehicles of world leaders can still retain their luxury whilst maximising protection.

And that inspired engineering makes for a fascinating infographic.

At LeaseFetcher, we’ve compiled our top 8 favourite cars that world leaders drive around in. We’ve tracked down the unique models that are used by leaders across the globe – as well as the fascinating stories behind them – from here in the UK through to India, Japan and the USA to name a few.

What do you think of their choices? Do you think they are in keeping with their elevated status.

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