Car Cleaning Tips From The Pros

This article was written by our good friend Tim Alcock over at LeaseCar. When it comes to getting your car looking its best, Tim is our go-to guy!

Nobody wants to be that friend that has to take a minute to clean or move something before you get into their car. Keeping your car clean not only increases your mood it can also mean you get more money for your car when you sell it on.


Your car comes up against a huge amount over the course of a year – mud, dirt, dust, leaves, sap, food and drink can all cause damage and stains to your interiors.

The best way to protect your vehicle and leave it looking its best is to prevent. Take extra care to stop things that cause mess getting into your car by following this simple guidance:

  1. Change out of muddy boots – keep a spare pair of shoes and clean plastic bags in your car so you can take off muddy boots after you’ve been out for a walk
  2. Be careful with food and drink – consider banning potentially messy items from your vehicle, stick to dry goods and water
  3. Cover your carpets – buy rubber or other easy-to-wipe-down mats to cover your carpets so if things do go wrong, your car still has the little bit of extra protection

Carpets and Seats

Upholstery, especially when it is fixed, can be the trickiest part of your car interior to clean – but it is not impossible. Get yourself equipped with a stiff brush, some carpet cleaner and an easy-to-manoeuvre vacuum and follow these steps to refresh your carpets and seats:

  1. Remove your car mats and beat the dust off them outside of your car
  2. Vacuum your mats, apply carpet cleaner and leave to dry before brushing off
  3. Remove all large crumbs and debris from seats and carpets with a dust pan and brush
  4. Vacuum all upholstery in your car
  5. Apply carpet cleaner, but only in small sections at a time so as not to damage materials by leaving it on too long

Remember to follow the instructions on your carpet cleaner for best results and to prevent unwanted damage to your car’s interiors.


Often, we don’t notice as dust collects on our dashboard, as it happens so gradually there doesn’t seem to be much change. If you run your fingers over your dashboard though, it often reveals how badly in need of cleaning this part of your interiors is! Cleaning your dash is quick and easy, however, and there are simple steps to get it looking at its best:

  1. Dust the entire of your dashboard with a dry microfibre cloth to remove most of the dust from main surfaces
  2. Apply a car interior cleaner or all-purpose surface cleaner and wipe down the dash again and remove any remaining grease or dirt
  3. Use a vent and dash brush, or small feather duster, to clean out air-vents, radio knobs and other awkward sections of your dashboard.
  4. Apply a polish to the dashboard surface to create a shine and protect it in the future

Your dashboard can often be damaged by bright sunlight, with UV rays fading colours. Keep everything looking sharp by employing a windscreen sunshade on sunny days.