Easy DIY Car Repairs You Can Try

Not all car repairs and car maintenance need you to have years of training as a mechanic to complete.

Here are some easy DIY car repairs that you should be able to carry out.

Replacing your air filter

It might seem quite daunting, but replacing your air filter is usually pretty easy.

Obviously the design of cars varies, but in most cases changing an air filter is just a matter of undoing a few screws and clamps, taking the old one out, and a new one in.

You’ll find your air filter under your bonnet, in a plastic box. It’ll have a big tube called the air inlet duct attached to it which is attached to it with a clamp but it’s easy enough to take off and put back on.

How to replace your air filter:

  1. Open your bonnet and locate the cold air filter box
  2. Undo the clamp that holds the air inlet duct in place in the box. Put duct tape over the end to stop dirt getting in whilst it’s loose.
  3. Undo the screws of the box and put them safely to one side
  4. Take out the air filter and clean it with a vacuum or replace with a new one.
  5. Replace the box and screw it back into place. Take the duct take off of the air inlet duct and clamp it back into the box.

Changing a tyre

Changing a tyre is a lot easier than a lot of people give it credit for. Granted, you’ll need a few tools, like a jack, a tyre nut tool and a spare tyre, but swapping out a tyre is easier than you think.

If you really don’t want to change your tyre, or you’re not in a situation to, you can use special puncture foam to reflate and fix your puncture temporarily until you can get to a garage. This isn’t a long-term solution to the puncture though – it will completely ruin the tyre in the process and you won’t be able to inflate it again.

How to change a tyre

  1. Put your car into first gear and put the handbrake on
  2. Put a chock under the wheel that is diagonal to the one that you’re replacing
  3. Jack up your car, loosen your wheel nuts and take the old wheel off
  4. Put the new wheel on and refasten the nuts
  5. Lower the car

Changing your brake pads

This one is probably for the more ambitious among you, and for people who have enough confidence and knowledge to be able to carry it out successfully. Changing your brake pads is a bit more complex than just changing a tyre – but only a little bit more.

If you don’t think you’d be able to do this, save the job for a professional – changing brake pads is a garage’s bread and butter.

How to change your brake pads

  1. Jack up your car and take off the wheel
  2. Undo the hardware holding the old brake pad in place
  3. Replace the brake pad with a new one
  4. Replace the hardware
  5. Put the wheel back on

Replacing an old windscreen wiper

Changing out an old windscreen wiper for a new one is super easy. Dare I say it, it’s actually one of the easiest DIY car repairs that you could probably complete. It’s normally just a matter of taking out the old wiper and replacing it with a brand new one.

How to replace a windscreen wiper

  1. Find out the size of windscreen wiper that your car takes (the car manual should tell you)
  2. Take out the old wiper
  3. Put the new wiper in the wiper holder in its place
  4. Spray some water and test that the new blade clears your windscreen properly

Fill up fluids

Okay, here’s the bad news first: some of the fluids in the engine can only really be filled up by a qualified mechanic. The good news, is that three of the most important can be filled up by you though: engine oil, screenwash, engine coolant.

How to fill up engine coolant and screenwash

  1. Open the car’s bonnet and locate the relevant fluid well
  2. Look for the indicator gauges on the sides
  3. Find the line for the maximum limit of fluid
  4. Fill the fluid up

How to fill up engine oil

  1. Open the car’s bonnet and find the dipstick
  2. Take it out and wipe it clean
  3. Put it back into the engine and pull it out again
  4. Check that the engine falls within the level indicated by the two notches on the dipstick. If not, adjust accordingly