LeaseFetcher Launches Education and Emergency Services Discount

Everybody loves a bargain which is why we’ve decided to launch a new discount offer for all educational staff, students and emergency service workers.

The Offer

The discount offers educational staff £150 and NHS staff members £300 off their next leased vehicle.

This offer will be redeemable once the customer has agreed upon delivery of the leased vehicle in question and has signed all the relevant documentation at the broker’s end.

Why is Leasing a Good Option?

Leasing a car is the most affordable route to getting behind the wheel for a lot of drivers. 

With low monthly payments and the opportunity to drive a brand new car, leasing is a great outlet for those on a budget or those who don’t want the hassle of negotiating with car dealerships.


For those in the educational sector, car leasing could be a life saver. 

For example, teachers/lecturers who are just starting their career may rely on the use of a car to get the facility they work at, but don’t yet have the sufficient income to buy a vehicle outright.

When it comes to university/college students, the word ‘skint’ is often thrown around. The vast majority of students who work will not have the salary to buy a car, so leasing may be their only viable option.

For the universities/colleges themselves, car leasing allows the institution to facilitate their fleets in the form of campus vehicles, minibuses etc.

Emergency Services

Offering a car leasing discount is the least we can do for the heroes of our nation.

With the heightened risk of using public transport, it’s imperative that our NHS and emergency services staff have a safe method of transportation to their place of work.

Whether you’re a nurse, paramedic or police officer, all you need to do is provide us with some qualifying information that verifies your status as an emergency service worker.

If you feel that you are eligible for the discount offer, please read through our Terms and Conditions to review the finer details.