How Much Space Do I Need In My New Car?

If it's time to choose a new car, you simply must think about the luggage space. Having decent storage and luggage space in a car is one of those subtle things that can be the difference between loving your car like a newborn child and wanting to take it on a one way trip to the scrapyard. It's a really big indicator of car practicality.

I’ve created this guide to help you get to grips with what to look for if you’re after a car with good space.

Doing your own detailed research into the respective storage capacity of cars you’re thinking of leasing is pretty essential if you plan on using your car for transporting items between different places, which you probably will be doing, in some capacity.

Here are three key things to look at in a car to find out it’s quality of storage space.

How much boot space do I need?

A good boot is one of the most useful features of a car and is something that we often take for granted. If you want an indication of how much useable luggage space a car might have, the quality of the boot is a fairly good indicator.

It’s the place we traditionally store all manner of essential items, possessions and general luggage. In its time, the boot of my car for instance has held everything from car stuff like engine oil, screen wash and coolant, to prams, a cat cage and a cast-iron typewriter (long story).

If your car is your work horse and you expect to use it for shopping, holidays and day trips, make sure you check the boot’s storage capacity. This will make sure that you can fit all of your luggage in it easily when the time comes.

Car boots are measured in litres, which can be a bit tricky to decipher. Here are a handful of models with their boot sizes to help you estimate sizes.

  • City Car / Ford Ka: 270 litres
  • Supermini / Ford Fiesta: 292 litres
  • Hatchback / Ford Focus: 375 litres
  • Crossover / Ford Kuga: 456 litres
  • Saloon / Ford Mondeo: 550 litres
  • SUV / Ford Edge: 602 litres
  • Estate / Ford Focus Estate: 608 litres
  • MPV / Ford Galaxy: 700 litres

How much rear passenger space do I need?

Do you like hearing, “Can you move your seat forward any more?” Yeah, me neither. So, when you're picking your new car, pay attention to the space in the back!

Rear passenger space varies hugely between different models. While city cars and sports cars have glorified parcel shelves, MPVs have row after row of full-sized seats.

Usually the amount of legroom that a car has to offer is to do with the length of the wheelbase, hence why estates are generally better if you want room to stretch out.

Do I need many storage compartments?

It’s true, you can often forget about them, scattered around the car as they are, but compartments and shelves inside the car are pretty integral if you don’t want chewing gum, pens and old parking tickets scattered around your car over time. Compartments and shelves keep the items that you inevitably bring into your car tidy and together. To work well, they’ll need to be of a decent size and sited in an intelligent, easy to reach place.

Always check the storage space and location of compartments if you want to keep your new car tidy and not looking like a charity shop.