How to Find Cheap Car Leasing Quotes

When you’re looking for a new car, nothing is simple. You’ve got to compare dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of models and thousands of trims.

And then there's how you actually buy the thing. Should you get a loan? Should you use hire purchase? Should you lease?

With so much to think, a lot of customers end up panicking and picking the first half decent deal they see. And unless you get exceptionally lucky, that probably won't be the best deal on the table.

Now, there's a lot of things we can't help you with. We can't tell you how many seats you need or if you should invest in an electric vehicle just yet.

However, we can give you some help when it comes to actually finding car leasing quotes. In this blog, I'm sharing some tips on how to research your leasing options in the right way. Okay, let's get started.

Go Directly to the Leasing Brokers

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to lease a car, you dug out the Yellow Pages and found a local leasing broker. Well, that process hasn’t really changed much since then.

Most people will still take a personal recommendation or do a Google search and pick the first result. While you might strike it lucky and chance upon a great broker, you might also pick a dud.

But that’s not the main reason why going directly to leasing brokers is a bad idea. The problem is that there are a lot of brokers out there and it’s just not practical to research and compare them all.

There are 300 or so BVRLA-registered leasing brokers in the UK. Say it takes you 20 minutes to look up each one, find the price for the car you’re looking at and check their reviews.

If you want to check out every provider, it’ll take you 100 hours and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Even if you just want to compare deals from a dozen or so local dealers, you’re still dedicating hours of your life to repetitive, mind-numbing research tasks.

Search Deal Aggregators

One step up from comparing individual leasing brokers is a deal aggregator. These sites work by allowing users to submit the best deals they come across.

HotUKDeals is probably the best-known deal but it covers everything from personal electronics to holidays so your chances of stumbling across a great leasing deal are fairly slim.

Deal aggregators should cut down on your legwork and help you find the right leasing deal faster but that’s not always the case. Generally speaking, aggregators have two major drawbacks.

First, it’s really difficult to compare deals with aggregators. HotUKDeals, for example, publishes each deal as a little mini blog so you can’t order them by price or filter them by manufacturer.

Second, aggregators don’t necessarily specialise in either cars or finance. It’s easy for a deal that looks good to gain traction on one of these aggregators and get promoted as a brilliant deal when it really isn’t.

Use a Comparison Site

Okay, what have we learned so far? Going directly to the brokers takes too long? Check. Cherrypicking deals for deal aggregators doesn’t give you enough choice? Check.

So, how do you find cheap car leasing quotes?

If you want to find the best deal out there, you have to compare leasing deals from as many brokers as possible.

And that’s where we come in!

LeaseFetcher lets you search through millions of leasing deals from the UK’s leading leasing brokers with a couple of clicks.

Forget the hours of painstaking research and forget worrying about whether you’re missing out on the best deals. Just tell us what you want to drive and we’ll the best offers on the market.

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