What Manufacturers Make Hybrid Cars?

Picture it. You’re in the market for a new car lease. You’ve decided you want the latest all-round car technology as well as engine technology, so you've settled on a hybrid. You don’t really know what’s available. How do you find the car that’s best suited to you?

Well, apart from using LeaseFetcher’s intuitive lease comparison site, the easiest way to find out what’s available is to make a list of all the manufacturers that offer hybrids and see what’s in their catalogues.

That’s not much use if you don’t know which manufacturers make hybrid cars though, so that’s why I’ve written up a list of the main manufacturers of hybrids – from the long established, key players through to the newcomers – so that you can do your own research.

Hybrid car manufacturers

Whilst hybrid technology is by no means mainstream at the moment, more of the main auto companies are beginning to offer electric and petrol/diesel hybrid options as part of their ranges, so you’ll probably recognise some manufacturers listed below.


Toyota is probably the stand-out company you think of when it comes to hybrid cars. The Japanese manufacturer started experimenting with hybrid power sources in the early 90s, and released the ground-breaking Prius in 1997 which is still a firm favourite with eco-conscious drivers today.

Developing hybrid technology at a time when it was unsexy to even mention the word ‘electric’ and ‘car’ in the same sentence, Toyota has a right to be proud of their foresight when it comes to hybrid tech. They’re still pretty a key player in today’s hybrid market.


Coming to the hybrid market comparatively late, BMW first started creating hybrid cars in 2011. It founded the ‘i’ sub-brand to focus on the production of eco-friendly electric cars for the urban market, following the successful prototypes of the i3 all-electric car and the i8 plug-in hybrid. As of April 2018 there are an impressive 250,000 of BMW’s electrified cars on roads across the world.


Whilst a lot of manufacturers target several markets with their hybrid vehicles, Mitsubishi are taking a much more targeted approach, focusing their efforts solely on the hybrid SUV market. Their influential, compact crossover, the Outlander PHEV, which launched in 2012, has gone on to be one of the most popular hybrid vehicles created so far. It’s not surprising that it was ranked as the world’s top selling hybrid both in 2014 and 2015.


Audi started experimenting with using electronic hybrid technology in cars way back in 1989, going so far as to create the Audi Duo concept car and show it at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As the first European company to offer an electric car for sale in 1997, Audi definitely has history when it comes to creating hybrid cars. Whether that history translates into quality is up to you to decide.  


Suzuki have notched up some respectable wins when it comes to crafting hybrids, like the Baleno and the Swift (also the cheapest hybrid that LeaseFetcher offer) that offer a relatively affordable hybrid which is of a decent enough build quality. This Japanese manufacturer is probably one of the leaders when it comes to hybrid technology, so you could do worse than invest in one of their vehicles if you're after a high-performance hybrid.