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BMW’s IX Estate is the ideal choice for a medium sized family seeking an eco-friendly solution to luxury travel. This muscular 4x4 SUV is up for the challenges of everyday urban driving as well as longer busy motorway trips. Less More

The IX Estate is a sleek, mid-range luxury SUV, a step up from BMW’s entry level luxury car - the IX3-e.

BMW declares this elegant model to be ‘the future.’ The external appearance is cleverly connected to the high spec technology within the vehicle. The iconic BMW kidney shaped grille plates conceal a variety of futuristic tech such as radar functions, camera technology and state-of-the-art sensor technology. 

The minimalist interior design oozes that BMW premium feel, with a modern, eco-friendly twist. It’s home to  FSC-certified wood control panel, BMW’s first hexagonal steering wheel and a curved 14.9” information display. Even the entry trim choice offers impressive superior quality tech, with the IX Estate being the very first car to offer 5G as standard.

This versatile machine offers 500l of boot space (1750l with backseats down) with an anti-slip, water resistant compartment, ideal for messier outdoor activities. Additional space can be added in the form of a roof box offering an extra 560l of space and a rear bike rack that accepts a further 60kg. All of this combined with roomy passenger space in both the front and back makes it perfect for family trips away.

None of these add-ons detracts from the IX Estate’s performance. It manages between 252 and 380 miles of electric range, can do  0-62mph in 4.6-6.1 seconds and boasts 523 horsepower, all while maintaining a smooth and desirable driving experience.

The IX Estate has some competition from the likes of the Audi E-tron Estate and the Jaguar i-Pace which share similar body types and competitive performance specs. 

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