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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a car lease deal under £300?

Whether it’s a 4x4 for all the family or a cushty convertible for when you’ve got the weekend to yourself, we’ve got more lease deals for under £300 a month than you could shake a stick at! If you didn’t know whether to lease or buy before now, we hope that’s settled it.

Can I get a car lease deal under £300 with no deposit?

With a no deposit lease for under £300 a month you’ll still be able to pencil in that all important holiday this year.  Set the filter to ‘1 month initial rental’ and you’ll find everything from luxurious Mercedes A Class lease deals to perfectly practical Volkswagen Golf lease deals.

Do you have electric or hybrid car lease deals under £300?

Do you consider yourself a bit of an eco-warrior? Or are you just here for the electric car tax incentives?  A Nissan Leaf lease is about as green as it gets. If you’re still hesitant about electric, why not go half way with a hybrid Hyundai Ioniq lease deal? Check out our best electric and best hybrid cars for more inspiration.

Do you have any automatic car lease deals under £300?

If manual gear changing just isn’t your style, you’ll find an impressive range of automatic car leases for under £300 a month. For an automatic that’s just as fun to drive as the manual, check out our Ford Focus lease deals. For a touch of class, try a BMW 3 Series Saloon lease.

What is the best petrol car lease deal under £300?

You’ll find most of our best petrol cars for under £300 with our “petrol” option on the fuel filter. How about a souped up Honda Civic Saloon lease for roaring around town? Or perhaps you’d prefer something more regal? A Land Rover Range Rover Evoque lease deal could be just the ticket.

What is the best diesel car lease deal under £300?

Many of our best diesel cars come in at under £300 per month. Hit “diesel” on the fuel filter and you’ll see! How about a beastly Volvo Xc40 lease deal for tackling the great outdoors? Or, if frugality is more your thing, why not bag yourself an eminently economical Skoda Superb Estate lease?

How do I find the best personal lease deal under £300?

Make sure you make good use of our filters to find the best PCH deal under £300. If you’re economically-minded you can filter by MPG and CO2 emissions (for those low emission zones!).  Filter by body style and number of seats for your perfect family car, and don’t forget to factor in annual mileage and monthly cost!

How do I search for the right business lease deal under £300 for me?

You’ll need to think about Bik rates and company car tax. The lower your CO2 emissions, the better. As you’d expect, company car tax on electric cars is cheapest. Our filters can help you find the cars with the greatest tax incentives!