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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a car lease deal under £400?

Still hung up on whether you should lease or buy? Let us put it another way: for under £400 a month you can get a brand new top-of-the-range car within your monthly budget. You don’t have to worry about a depreciating asset or big balloon payments - at the end of your contract, simply hand it back.

Can I get a car lease deal under £400 with no deposit?

Of course! For under £400 you can get a no deposit lease on pretty much all of the nation’s favourite cars. If you don’t feel like throwing down a big upfront deposit, simply set our filter to ‘1 month initial rental’. No deposit Mercedes GLC Estate Lease? Don’t mind if I do...

Do you have electric or hybrid lease deals under £400?

Whether you want to do your bit to stop global warming, take advantage of the oh-so-low electric company car tax or you just want to zip around in a BMW I3 lease car, there’s a hybrid or electric car lease under £400 for everyone. 

Do you have any automatic car lease deals under £400?

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to automatic car lease deals under £400. Fancy an automatic Audi A4 Saloon lease for effortless gear-changing and an even easier ride? Fancy something a little quirkier? An automatic BMW I3 lease will make full use of its electric powertrain for painless overtaking.

What is the best petrol car lease under £400?

You should have no trouble finding the best petrol cars under £400 a month with our “petrol” option on the fuel filter. Check out our petrol Mercedes-Benz E Class lease deals for a car that is both sumptuous and sporty.  Or if you’d prefer a spacious SUV with a gorgeous interior, try an Audi Q5 Estate lease deals instead.

What is the best diesel car lease under £400?

Most of our best diesel cars can be had for under £400 a month - just click the “diesel” option on the fuel filter. For a classy coupe with competitive MPG and emissions, try a Mercedes E Class Coupe lease. More of a BMW person yourself? An equally classy diesel BMW 3 Series Saloon lease could be yours for under £400 a month.

How do I find the best personal lease deal under £400?

To find the best PCH deal under £400, make sure you familiarise yourself with our filters! You can filter by MPG or range, body style and number of seats. Whether you’re a seasoned road-warrior or a more measured motorist, you can filter by annual mileage to make sure you pay only for what you use.

How do I search for the right business lease deal under £400 for me?

To really get the best value for money, you’ll need to get to grips with Bik rates and company car tax. Reducing your CO2 emissions is great for the environment AND your wallet. Company car tax on electric cars is the cheapest you’ll find, but you can also use our filters to find the best deals.