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‘Auld Reekie’ hasn’t seen much action when it comes to cars over the years but its Granton suburb was home to the Maldevic Motor Carriage Company in the late 19th century, which made some of the first electric-powered cars in the world!  

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K G Vehicle Solutions

KGVS Ltd are a Scottish company, based on the south-side of Glasgow. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to source the marketplace for highly competitive quotes. At KGVS Ltd our aim is complete customer satisfaction.
  • Response rate: 100%
  • Response time: < 4h
  • Location 1 Jacobean House, Glebe Street, East Kilbride, G74 4LY
  • 33 viewed this car Mx-5 Convertible View Gallery

    Mazda Mx-5 Convertible

    8 derivatives available

    • Doors: 2
    • Engine: 0.0 - 2.0
    • Fuel: P
    • Body: Sports
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: None

    From £215.82 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £1,294.92 inc VAT
  • 292 viewed this car A Class Hatchback View Gallery

    Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback

    87 derivatives available

    • Doors: 3 - 5
    • Engine: 0.0 - 2.1
    • Fuel: D, P, X
    • Body: Hatchback
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: None

    From £218.48 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £1,966.32 inc VAT
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World's oldest surviving car factory

The Maldevic factory in Granton was thought to be one of the oldest surviving, purpose-built car factories in the world. Built in 1898, it created some of the first electric-powered cars.

Entombed vehicles in robot car-park

AutoSafe SkyPark in Morrison Street was a failed attempt to create a car park of the future by using robots to stack vehicles. When the building was demolished in early 2018, several old cars were discovered still in the building, including an Austin Maestro and Fiat Uno.

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