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Lotus classics, the Elise, Evora, Exige are made here and everyone’s favourite Rover 800 owner, Alan Partridge (played by Steve Coogan) comes from here too. What’s not to like about Norwich, and the Norfolk area?

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Site of Lotus's UK headquarters

The UK headquarters of racing icon Lotus is based just down the road in Norfolk on the site of RAF Hethel. The group’s Car, Engineering and Racing divisions are based here.

Home of the world's most famous Rover 800 owner Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge, Norwich’s most famous radio and TV personality, has owned a Rover 800, a Rover Metro, a Lexus IS300, Vauxhall Isignia and Kia Optima in his time.

Former home of Zenos

The sports car brand Zenos also had a presence in Norfolk before the company went into administration in 2017.

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