The Most Loved Car Commercials at Super Bowl 2022 Revealed

As the world catches its breath off the back of another scintillating Super Bowl, we thought we’d keep the party going by writing a 10,000-word article on each commercial shown during the event. 

Just kidding.

We’re not here to bore the pants off you. We’re here to look at how Super Bowl fans reacted to every car manufacturer commercial that was featured during Super Bowl LVI, at the time of showing.

We were astonished to find out that a 30-second commercial spot at this year’s Super Bowl set companies back an average of $6.5 million dollars. Yes…30 seconds.

Since it costs a fortune to run an ad, the team at Lease Fetcher thought they’d see whether Super Bowl viewers were bowled away or not.

By scraping Twitter’s API, we gathered a list of tweets featuring search terms and hashtags associated with each car model featured in a Super Bowl commercial.

From here, we carried out sentiment analysis to determine whether the reaction of the car commercials were positive or negative.

All the data was gathered within a 24-hour period starting at kick-off.

The Kia EV6 was the Star Car of the Super Bowl according to Twitter

In that 24-hour period after the first ball was kicked, Kia acquired the highest level of positive sentiment as a result of their heart-warming commercial for the EV6.

In total, 83.5% of tweets related to the Kia EV6 were deemed to be of a positive nature, while 16.5% had a more negative spin on things. Although this is a very conclusive set of results, I still can’t believe that anybody would speak ill of ‘Robo Dog’!

Hot on the heels of the Kia EV6 is the all-electric BMW iX. Featuring a star-studded line-up including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek, the iX commercial received a positive sentiment of 82.3% on iX-related tweets.

The Toyota Tundra Pick-up - the only non-EV to advertise at the SuperBowl - received 81.2% of positive sentiment from related tweets, while the Sopranos-themed Chevrolet Silverado EV acquired 69.2% of positive sentiment.

The all-action Nissan Z gained 67.9% of positive sentiment from tweets containing relevant search terms and hashtags, while the Polestar 2 gained 66% off the back of its competitor-bashing ad.

We found it quite fitting that the GMC Hummer EV ended up with the lowest percentage of positive sentiment (61.5%) from related tweets. Dr. Evil would be proud of himself!

Sentiment Results for Superbowl Cars Data Table

PositionCar ModelPositive Sentiment (%)Negative Sentiment (%)
1Kia EV683.516.5
2BMW iX83.216.8
3Toyota Tundra81.218.8
4Chevrolet Silverado EV69.230.8
5Nissan Z67.932.1
6Polestar 266.034.0
7GMC Hummer EV61.538.5

The BMW iX Super Bowl Commercial sent shockwaves around Twitter

When we looked at the social reach of these Super Bowl commercials over the same 24-hour time period there was only one winner.

The reach of the BMW iX amassed to 141.1 million in the 24-hour period commencing the Super Bowl. 

During this time the BMW iX saw a whopping increase of 941% compared to the previous week (1st February - 8th February 2022).

The Chevrolet Silverado EV gave the iX a run for its money, but ultimately fell a little short of the mark. Acquiring a reach of 136.9 million, the Silverado EV saw an increase of 227% compared to the previous week. I'm sure a few nostalgic Sopranos fans were swarming the depths of Twitter for any revival news.

The Kia EV6 saw a reach of 51.8 million (110% increase from the previous week) over the 24-hours, while the Toyota Tundra accumulated a reach of 48.2 million (55% decrease from the previous week).

Moving down the list, the Polestar 2 attained a reach of 43.5 million (48% increase from the previous week), followed by the 35.3 million (78% increase from the previous week) gained by the Nissan Z.

Propping up the table with a Twitter reach of 11.7 million (100% increase from the previous week) is the GMC Hummer EV. We’ve got a sneaky feeling the Hummer EV hasn’t hit the twitter heights that you’d probably expect due to its minor role in the General Motors commercial. All eyes were on Dr. Evil himself.

Social Reach Results for Superbowl Cars Data Table

PositionCar ModelSocial Mentions Reach (Millions)Reach Increase After Commercial
1BMW iX141.1+941%
2Chevrolet Silverado EV136.9+227%
3Kia EV651.8+110%
4Toyota Tundra48.2-51%
5Polestar 243.5+48%
6Nissan Z35.3+78%
7GMC Hummer EV11.7+100%


Given the eye-watering prices that car manufacturers paid to run these commercials, it seems that the investment has paid off for the most part for most manufacturers.

Kia, BMW, and Toyota reaped the biggest rewards from their Super Bowl commercials, with the highest positive sentiment scores across the board.

The BMW iX blew the rest of the competition out of the water with its social reach after the big game, while Chevrolet looks to have won the interest of Sopranos fans on Twitter.

Super Bowl LVI certainly lived up to the hype and one of the most pleasing things about the event was seeing the reinvigoration of car commercials!


  • Data was collected from Twitter API based on tweets published from 14/02/2022 until 15/02/2022.
  • All data was gathered within a 24hr period after the Superbowl kick-off.
  • We then used the language analysis tool SentiStrength to determine the sentiment of tweets.
  • Access the Data Sheet & Media Pack through the respective links.