Did you know that car manufacturers produce more than just cars? This Christmas, if you’re looking for a simple stocking filler or that “big ticket” item for your car-mad loved one, we’re here to help.

The auto enthusiasts at personal car lease and business car lease comparison site Lease Fetcher have rounded up a unique list of products by top auto manufacturers to gift your nearest and dearest this festive season - or for you to have a laugh and roll your eyes at, whatever tickles your festive spirit!

For Him...

Bentley - Momentum Unlimited Eau De Toilette, £59.50 / $80.03 / 66,05 EUR

Bentley has fine-tuned some delicious scents for men - their range of Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes vary in price from £43 to £165. Just how special is this suave man to you? Their Momentum Unlimited fragrance has notes of crisp fruit and smooth leather, reminiscent of the luxurious interior of a real Bentley.

For Her...

Maserati - Pendant Necklace with Natural Red Stones, £154.32  / $207.58 / 170 EUR

Luxury manufacturer Maserati has welcomed its Italian roots with an elegant jewellery selection, perfect for that special lady in your life. This pendant necklace - handcrafted by historic silverware manufacturer Padova, Calegaro - is a winner. This piece is made from sterling silver with a palladium finish and features a vibrant red zircon stone. The clasp features the famous Maserati trident logo.

For the Christmas Decorator...

Lamborghini - Set of Sparkling Lamborghini Baubles, £34.00 / $45.73 / 37.75 EUR

Do you know someone who collects Christmas decorations like there is no tomorrow? You can make their day with a pack of 20 glitzy Christmas baubles by Lamborghini. The pack includes 4 different gold and silver designs which are sure to glam up their tree.

For the Meat Lover...

Volkswagen - VW Currywurst (Pack of 5, 170g), £11.95 / $13.45 / 13,27 EUR

Did you know that Volkswagen sells more sausages than cars? They must be pretty dang good! These Volkswagen Currywurst sausages are a great addition to a food hamper for your carnivore friends and family members. Don’t forget to throw in some VW Ketchup for good measure too, at £4.50 a bottle. They’re gluten-free too for all your coeliac and gluten intolerant giftees.

For The BBQ Master...

Jeep - Set Jeep Barbecue, £48.23 / $64.88 / 53,54 EUR

Is there someone close to you who needs total control of the grill? It’s time to accept you’ll never get a shot at turning the steaks so why not gift them this Jeep BBQ set? The set includes tongs, a spatula, and a fork, all with bamboo handles. Pair it with the Volkswagen sausages and you’ll win best Christmas present-giver of the year.

For the Shoe-Aholic...

Ferrari - Puma Scuderia Ferrari Race Court Legend Shoes - £52 / $69.95 / 57,73 EUR

Ferrari teamed up with PUMA to bring us this sweet range of sneaks. This is the perfect gift for that special someone who can never have enough shoes. They have a massive range of trainers, ranging from £52 to £110. We particularly like these Puma Scuderia Ferrari Race Court Legend Shoes, inspired by 70s basketball attire and reduced from £80.

For the Family...

Citroen - Origins Monopoly, £45.39 / $61.05 / 50 EUR

Christmas Day is not complete without a great board game - shake things up with this Citroen Origins Monopoly game! The game was produced to mark Citroen’s centenary - it’ll become a real collector’s edition as we imagine this game will not be around for very long! When you purchase the game, you’ll also receive a free Citroen Top Trumps game, valued at 6 Euros.

For The Party Animal…

Tesla - Tesla Tequila, £187.22 / $250 / 207,84 EUR

Got a bud that loves a good booze? This Tesla Tequila will get the party started. Aged in French oak barrels, this tequila has notes of fruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and pepper. The lighting bolt bottle with metal base is stunning in itself, doubling as a gorgeous piece of home decor when the last drop is gone! $250 well spent, yes?

For the Dog Mum or Dad...

Land Rover - Barbour Dog Wax Jacket, £45 / $60.53 / 49,96 EUR

Barbour and Land Rover collaborated to make a snazzy collection, including this wax jacket for dogs! This is the ideal gift for your countryside pals who can’t leave the house without their Barbour jacket - matchy matchy!

For The Candle Connoisseur...

Volvo - Skultana Scented Candle, £70.10 / $94.29 / 77,20 EUR

Get cosy in true Scandi style with this Volvo scented candle. A joint effort between Volvo, Swedish brass makers Skultana, and Stockholm-based fragrance company Candelize, this candle commands its premium price. A divine mix of musk, sandalwood, rose, aromatic lavender, citrus, and bergamot are blended together into one comforting candle that will bring your loved one around 70 hours of enjoyment (plus they can reuse the brass holder forever)!

For the Glamorous Chef...

Peugeot - Edition 210 Pepper Mill, £44.90 / $60.40 / 49,85 EUR

France is known for its cuisine and Peugeot doesn't stray far from its French roots with their wide range of premium pepper mills. The brand manufactured these before they ever started making cars! Ranging in price for £17.90 to £1,350 (*gasp!*) for a salt and pepper duo made of crystal, you’re bound to find something for the foodie in your life. This Edition 210 pepper mill is a 2020 exclusive to celebrate Peugeot’s 210th birthday, so grab it while you can!

For the Budding Baker...

Porsche - Cookie Stamps, £18 / $24.21 / 19,98 EUR

A baker can never have enough equipment - these silicone cookie stamps by Porsche will be a welcome addition to their ever-growing collection. There are 3 designs: the RS 2.7, the Porsche Crest, and “Made in Zuffenhausen”, coloured in red, blue and green. The best thing about gifting baking equipment is that you’ll probably receive a batch of cookies next time you see them - it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

For the Avid Golfer...

BMW - Golfsport Gift Set, £40 / $53.80 / 44,41 EUR

Got a close buddy or relative who drives their BMW to the golf range? This thoughtful BMW Golfsport gift set will go down a treat. It features a bag, 6 red and 6 white tees, 3 golf balls, and a 100% cotton golf towel with carabiner.

For The Phone Zombie...

Vauxhall - Vauxhall Popsocket, £5.95 / $8.00 / 6,61 EUR

This is a great stocking filler from Vauxhall - this budget mobile phone popsocket bears the Vauxhall griffin logo. An ideal gift for the child or sibling that is glued to their phone and whose Corsa sits proudly in the driveway.

For The Office Worker On-The-Go

Nissan - Nissan Juke MB Original Bento Box, £45.71 / $61.49 / 50,74 EUR

The Nissan JUKE Monbento Bento Box is a thoughtful present for someone heading back to the office or university sometime in the New Year. The sleek, airtight black bento box is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, ideal for someone who is regularly on-the-go!