The Worlds Most Instagrammed Car Parks

Gone are the days where car parks were merely energy-sapping, utilitarian structures with the sole purpose of housing neglected cars. 

At personal leasing and business leasing comparison site Lease Fetcher, we’ve come to prove the car park bashers wrong by providing a visual spread of architectural eye-candy and a fine sprinkling of street art.

From Hollywood movie scenes to London Fashion Week venues, we’ve identified the trendiest car parks according to Instagram hashtag data. 

Does your home city make the list? Do you jog past any of these on your evening run? Better yet, have you contributed a snap of one of these car parks? 

Find out below as we unveil the 20 Most Instagrammed Car Parks in the World!

1. Daikoku PA

Located under a motorway in Yokohama that is synonymous with illegal high-speed street racing, Daikoku Parking Area (‘PA’ for short) is the perfect hangout for Japanese petrolheads and car enthusiasts alike.

Wrapped around a concrete halo, Daikoku PA offers a resting stop for drivers which also happens to be a place of worship for Japanese car culture. By night, Daikoku gets into the party spirit with bass-heavy “Sound Vans” and voluntary dance groups to entertain the crowd. Uniquely Japanese in every way. 

Photos from Instagram


2. Umihotaru PA

Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (yes, middle) lies Umihotaru PA - a highway rest stop for drivers in need of some fresh ocean air or a killer Instagram post. 

Translated into English as ‘sea firefly’ (representing its illuminated evening appearance), Umihotaru is situated off the coast of Tokyo and is part of the Aqua-Line highway - an underwater tunnel connecting Kawasaki to Kisarazu.

As you rise out of the tunnel approaching Umihotaru, try and keep your jaw in place as you catch a glimpse of the majestic backdrop of Mount Fuji in the distance!

Photos from Instagram

3. Brewer Street Car Park

brewer street car park

Affiliated with glitz and glamour, Brewer Street Car Park is fast becoming an iconic building in  London’s bougie Soho district. The NCP car park is home to a number of creative events, installations, and even plays host during London Fashion Week.

With only 20 spaces up for grabs and undoubtedly extortionate fees, we wouldn’t advise using the car park for its initial purpose. However, the turret-shaped car park is well worth a visit to explore some of the wonderful art exhibitions and events on show.

Photos from Instagram

4. 1111 Lincoln Road

1111 lincoln road

Designed by Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron, 1111 Lincoln Road is a multi-storey masterpiece in the heart of South Beach, Miami.

With the capacity to house 300 cars, as well as providing event space for weddings, yoga classes and fashion shows, this quintessential open-air parking garage is a stunning example of multi-functional architecture - a car park with real soul and a wicked view. Who said concrete car parks were boring?

It’s no surprise that the impressive structure has featured in a number of adverts and music videos including Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” music video.

Photos from Instagram


5. Museum Garage

museum garage

Miami is no stranger to breathtaking parking garages, as personified by the radiant Museum Garage in Miami’s thriving design district. 

Five different architecture studios contributed to the flamboyant exterior design which makes sense given the buildings sporadic yet fascinating appearance.

The chic seven storey-building is an explosion of colour both inside and out which makes it a huge hit for dance classes and photoshoot sessions.

Photos from Instagram

6. Konditaget Lüders

konditaget luders

Konditaget Lüders aka “PARK’N’PLAY” is the epitome of Danish creativity and efficiency. The hybrid structure combines a multi-storey parking garage with a recreational rooftop space with a stunning view over Copenhagen Harbour.

Whether you’re taking your kids for a playdate or re-enacting the stairs scene from Rocky during your morning run, Konditaget Lüders is an urban recreational spot that other European cities should be trying to emulate. 

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7. Welbeck Street Car Park

welbeck street car park

The brutalist architecture of Welbeck Street Car Park grabbed the hearts of many Londoners, but nothing could be done to save the iconic structure from being turned into a revamped 10-storey hotel in 2019.

Nevertheless, its eerie, pop-arty diamond-patterned facade has earned its place in the 'Car Park Hall of Fame’ for years to come. The car park originally opened in 1971 to service the trendy new Debenhams department store on Oxford Street.

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8. Michigan Building

michigan building

Opened in 1926 as the original Michigan Theatre, the mesmerising 13-floor building still stands tall in downtown Detroit as a shared retail space and parking garage. 

The grandiose yet decrepit building may be a shadow of its former self, but the fact that it’s still standing is a testament to the French Renaissance-style decor and the impact the building has had on the people of Detroit.

None other than Detroit legend Marshall Mathers aka Eminem used the building for a scene in the movie ‘8 Mile’ - a movie depicting the rise of his own illustrious career.

Photos from Instagram

9. Z Parking Garage

z parking garage

Detroit is home to another awesome parking structure - the Z Parking Garage. The ‘Z lot’ has over 1,275 parking spaces with a number of amenities, but it’s the public art murals and rooftop view that grabs the attention of the passersby.

The artwork inside the parking lot belongs to 27 incredibly talented artists from across the globe and it’s the 130-foot wide murals in particular that have turned this parking lot into one of Detroit’s must-see attractions for tourists and street art lovers.

Photos from Instagram

10. Züblin Parkhaus

zublin parkhaus

Züblin Parkhaus is another street art extravaganza-cum-parking garage based in the German city of Stuttgart. 

The rooftop terrace also plays host to a number of events, but it’s the obscure yet incredibly talented artwork that lures you in. 

The complexity and intricacy of some of the murals might have you stuck in the car park for longer than expected so make sure you visit while not on a schedule! 

Photos from Instagram

11. Parkhaus Neukӧlln

parkhaus neukolln

In the heart of Berlin, you’ll find an abandoned five-storey parking garage that has been transformed into a creative art space. 

It isn’t the dark and seedy vibe that you usually associate with Berlin, with the brightly painted rooftop there to confirm.

12. 2KM3 Saint-Gervais

2km3 saint-gervias

Dedicated to urban contemporary art, 2KM3 in Mont-Blanc is a glowing example of colour and expression.

12 artists were given 2000 cubic metres each to reinvigorate the 11-storey car park and the results are tremendous. 

13. Yau Ma Tei Car Park Building

yau mai tei car park building

With a first-class view of the hustle and bustle of Temple Street Market, the Yau Ma Tei parking building provides the perfect setting for a late-night photography session.

Built in 1970, the building became a famous landmark in Hong Kong because a highway passes straight through the building.

14. Kant-Garagen

kant garagen

Remember those dark and seedy Berlin vibes we were talking about earlier? Well, the Kant-Garagen has more than enough raw, industrial spirit thanks to its inter-war Bauhaus architecture.

Despite being on its last legs, the Kant-Garagen is still in use, and is in fact, the oldest multi-storey parking garage in Berlin. Today, the Kant-Garagen is registered as a historic monument and used for exhibitions as well as parking.

15. Peckham Multi-Storey

peckham multi-storey

Peckham Levels. Bold Tendencies. Frank’s Cafe. 

Just three of the thriving businesses that have profited from the abundance of space provided by the Peckham Multi-Storey.

From the bright pink staircase to the rooftop Negroni’s, Peckham’s multi-storey car park has certainly encapsulated the vision of local celebrity - Del Boy Trotter.

16. Les Parc Des Celestins

les parc des celestins

If you’re a sucker for an optical illusion, you’re going to love this awe-inspiring car park located in the French city of Lyon.

Inspired by Tuscan wells, the underground car park features a sloping rotating mirror at the bottom which gives the illusion of a never-ending, bottomless pit. Absolutely breathtaking!

17. Ocean Terminal Rooftop Car Park

ocean terminal rooftop car park

The Ocean Terminal rooftop car park has become a firm favourite for avid photographers looking to capture the vibrant Victoria Harbour in all its hectic glory.

Surrounded by sea, the ocean terminal rooftop car park is the perfect spot to capture the sunset with a mesmerising backdrop of Victoria Peak.

18. Tivoli Car Park

tivoli car park

The Tivoli Car Park in Dublin offered an urban canvas for creative street artists up until it was demolished in 2019 to be replaced by a high-tech hotel. Surprise, surprise.

The car park was a haven for gritty graffiti and although it feels like a distant memory now, the creative utopia is still as striking as ever on Instagram.

19. Rose Street Car Park

rose street car park

The Rose Street Car Park in Melbourne is another structure that has been transformed thanks to its splendid artwork. 

The Rose Street car park ‘paint up’ took four weeks to complete and each section of the car park has been themed according to a colour scheme to offer a cohesive graffiti gallery.

20. Parcheggio Morelli

parcheggio morelli

Naples is home to possibly the most audacious car park on the planet in the form of Parcheggio Morelli. 

Excavated in a tuffaceous quarry in the heart of the Chiaia district, the Morelli garage is structured over 7 floors and has enough space to house 230 cars. A truly extraordinary piece of engineering and architecture.

Car Park Crazy

Instagram is home to hundreds of thousands of pics of snazzy car parks - but these awe-inspiring ones are truly the cream of the crop.

Maybe next time you pass by something as ordinary and mundane as a car park, you’ll get a twinge of excitement of the potential it could hold!


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