The World's Most Watched
Cars on Youtube

The car-mad personal car lease and business car lease experts at Lease Fetcher have taken a look at the most eye-catching vehicles on YouTube. While you’d expect the list to be dominated by unaffordable supercars, you might be forced to raise your brow at some of the dark horses in the pack...

Lamborghini may dominate the top couple of spots, but there are certainly a few modest cats amongst the supercar pigeons.

We’ve also revealed the top 10 most-watched cars on YouTube by various car classes. So, whether you’re a loyal SUV’er or a sports car connoisseur, we’ve got you covered.

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Top 25 Most Watched Cars Data

PositionTop 25 CarsViewsYoutube Search Volume
1lamborghini aventador1,088,910,890120000
2lamborghini huracan497,039,99582000
3land rover defender422,269,13240000
4kia seltos411,506,46965000
5bugatti chiron396,673,009166000
6range rover396,132,64292000
7chevrolet camaro385,621,93530000
8jeep grand cherokee380,153,59039000
9toyota land cruiser371,021,61821000
10nissan gtr333,759,200128000
11tesla model s330,041,88485000
12bmw i8319,057,117108000
13audi r8314,370,274108000
14bmw m5280,630,875108000
15tesla model x255,925,442105000
16tesla cybertruck254,416,448182000
17nissan kicks250,535,52626000
18ferrari 458242,805,88215000
19bmw m3242,781,35069000
20ford mustang240,072,21982000
21porsche 911 gt2238,509,185600
22lexus lfa237,233,56082000
23nissan skyline234,740,23721000
24range rover sport231,708,67933000
25mg hector227,554,06949000

The Top 10 Most Watched EVs on YouTube

Top 10 Most Watched EVs Data

PositionTop 10 EVsViews
1tesla model s330,041,884
2tesla model x255,925,442
3tesla cybertruck254,416,448
4tesla model 3171,915,436
5tesla roadster131,024,614
6porsche taycan100,553,828
7audi e tron69,279,762
8renault zoe59,540,878
9nissan leaf58,379,879
10renault twizy53,172,269

The Top 10 Most Watched SUVs on YouTube

Top 10 Most Watched SUVs Data

PositionTop 10 SUVsViewsYoutube Search Volume
1land rover defender422,269,13240000
2kia seltos411,506,46965000
3range rover396,132,64292000
4jeep grand cherokee380,153,59039000
5toyota land cruiser371,021,61821000
6tesla model x255,925,442105000
7nissan kicks250,535,52626000
8range rover sport231,708,67933000
9mg hector227,554,06949000
10jeep wrangler187,067,70259000

Top 10 Most Watched SuperCars on YouTube

Top 10 Most Watched SuperCars Data

PositionTop 10 Super CarsViewsYoutube Search Volume
1lamborghini aventador1,088,910,890120000
2lamborghini huracan497,039,99582000
3bugatti chiron396,673,009166000
4nissan gtr333,759,200128000
5ferrari 458242,805,88215000
6lexus lfa237,233,56082000
7lamborghini gallardo226,184,03221000
8ferrari enzo220,505,96311000
9mclaren p1215,472,37841000
10lamborghini veneno212,855,10137000

Top 10 Most Watched Sports Cars on YouTube

Top 10 Most Watched Sports Cars Data

PositionTop 10 Sports CarsViewsYoutube Search Volume
1chevrolet camaro385,621,93530000
2bmw i8319,057,117108000
3audi r8314,370,274108000
4bmw m5280,630,875108000
5bmw m3242,781,35069000
6ford mustang240,072,21982000
7porsche 911 gt2238,509,185600
8nissan skyline234,740,23721000
9toyota supra192,283,067141000
10dodge challenger191,595,77676000


  • We took the top 1,000 car models of the last 5 years based on worldwide car sales data and allocated them their appropriate classification (i.e Supercars, SUVs, Hatchbacks)
  • We then used Ahrefs data to establish the primary keyword for each model i.e. (Audi A1, Tesla Model 3). 
  • Using YouTube API data over the course of 30 days, we pulled down the top 50 most viewed videos that featured the exact match search term (i.e Audi A1, BMW X5) in the title of the video. 
  • After calculating the number of views for each of the top 50 videos for each car model that featured the search term in the title, we ordered the car models by total view count and entered the relevant data into the graphics. You can access all the graphics here