Most Playlisted Road Trip Songs on Spotify

Get ready to hit the highway! Here at personal car lease and business car leasing comparison site Lease Fetcher, we’ve done some digging to find the most popular road trip songs on Spotify user playlists. Check out the tunes on our ultimate road trip playlist below.

Most road trip songs are from the


The most popular road trip song genre is


A great road trip song lasts


Road Trip Songs

are Danceable

These songs have an average danceability score of 0.59.

danceable gif

high energy gif

Road Trip Songs

are high energy

These songs have an average energy score of 0.65.

Road Trip Songs

have a high tempo

These songs have an average tempo of 121.6.

high tempo gif


To determine what features make a good road trip song, we used the audio features component of the Spotify API service. In total, we collected information about 1,144,504 tracks (312,341 unique) across 11,657 playlists, with a total of 30,992,952 followers. We searched for all playlists with the words “road trip”, “roadtrip”, and “travel” in the title and pulled information about all the tracks on these playlists into a database. We then identified the tracks which appeared most across all of the playlists and calculated the average scores for some of their primary audio features, namely:

  • Danceability - refers to how suitable a song is for dancing (based on tempo, beat strength, regularity). 0.0 is not danceable and 1.0 is very danceable.
  • Energy - refers to how fast, loud, and noisy a song is. A score of 0.0 is very low energy and 1.0 is high energy.
  • Tempo - refers to the number of beats per minute. The higher the BPM, the faster the pace of the song.

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