Introducing: The Elon 'Mask'

Elon Musk is not a fan of traditional N95 masks. So, what would a “less onerous” mask look like? Introducing the “Elon Mask”, a product concept by Lease Fetcher.

See it in action

Better utility than a surgical facemask with more protection than an N95 respirator

BioWeapon Defense Mode


Bioweapon Defense Mode proves effective at removing microorganisms and contaminants from the air that you breathe.

HEPA filtration technology is guaranteed to remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micrometers thick so you’re protected from the triple threat of coronavirus, pollution and pollen.

Distance Alert

Ultrasonic proximity sensors alert the wearer and those nearby to keep their distance.

If it detects someone breaking the Government imposed 2m social distancing rule, it will emit a tone.

Mask Movement

Wear your mask in 3 positions according to level of threat: No protection, Air Filter, Air Filter + Visor. Transparent metal Aluminium Oxynitride visor provides protection against virus transmission, 9mm rounds or weighted metal balls*.

Mask Up..


Mask Down..


Phone Sync


Listen to music, make phone calls, summon your Tesla and check its battery with an in-built microphone, whilst still being able to hear those around you with bone conduction headphones.

Real-Time Audio Enhancer

If you are having a hard time understanding someone wearing a mask then the inbuilt Real-Time Audio Enhancer will optimize and Improve clarity in speech from the person speaking directly in front of you.


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