The Anatomy of the Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla cars have some of the longest ranges of all EVs on the modern market. This alone is enough to put any fears of range anxiety to bed, so Tesla’s immense Supercharger network is simply the cherry on top!

Tesla’s Supercharger network is the largest global, fast-charging network in the world. Not only is the network vast, but it is fast. In just 15 minutes, you can add up to 200 miles of electric range.

According to Tesla "with [Tesla’s] reliable global network, you can go anywhere and conveniently fast charge". At Lease Fetcher, we decided to put that claim to the test by laying bare the true anatomy of the Tesla Supercharger network.

In this article, we look at:

Tesla plans to boost their Supercharger Network by 30.96% by the end of 2022

With global sales of Tesla cars skyrocketing, and therefore more competition for existing charging points, Tesla has some good news!

Tesla has announced plans to expand their existing global Supercharger network by 30.96% by the end of 2022

Currently, they have 3,382 charging sites worldwide, each with multiple charging points, with plans to add an additional 1,047 sites.

Most funding will be injected into European countries where the total number of live charging locations has recently surpassed the 700 mark. Tesla has planned to increase European stock of Superchargers by 36.5%. It makes sense to focus on Europe, with countries like Norway and the Netherlands leading the world in EV adoption.

China will see the next highest level of funding, with a planned 33.7% increase in their Supercharger network.

USA will experience the third highest expansion - Tesla has announced that 23% more Superchargers will be added to the American network.

increase in coming soon tesla superchargers pie chart

Percentage Increase in Coming Soon Locations

The table below is ordered by percentage increase in 'Coming Soon' locations for all countries with at least 10 Live Charging Locations.

PosGeographic LocationCountryComing Soon LocationsLive Charging LocationsTotal (Inc Coming Soon)Increase in Coming Soon Locations (%)
3North AmericaMexico17203785
6North AmericaCanada5613118742.7
7Asia PacificAustralia18446240.9
9Asia PacificChina3821,1341,51633.7
10Asia PacificSouth Korea19577633.3
13EuropeUnited Kingdom248711127.6
16Asia PacificNew Zealand3131623.1
17North AmericaUnited States2791,2151,49423
20Asia PacificJapan6384415.8

USA & China make up 68.7% of all Tesla Supercharger Points

To date, Tesla has installed 30,168 Supercharger charging points across 3,382 locations.

As the birthplace of Tesla, it’s no surprise that the United States is home to 40.85% of these points (12,325).

With the highest global population and accounting for around 21% of Tesla’s total sales, China is home to 27.85% (8,401) of all Tesla Supercharger points.

Combined, this comes to 20,726 points - or just over two-thirds of all Tesla Supercharger charging points.

Europe combined follows with 23.7% (7,149) of all Supercharger charging points.

total number of tesla supercharger points pie chart

Top 20 Countries By Percentage of Worldwide Points

The table below details the Top 20 Countries ordered by Percentage of Worldwide Points.

PosGeographic LocationCountryLive Charging LocationsTotal PointsPercentage of Worldwide Points (%)
1North AmericaUnited States1,21512,32540.85
2Asia PacificChina1,1348,40127.85
3North AmericaCanada1311,2524.15
7EuropeUnited Kingdom877622.53
9EuropeThe Netherlands365661.88
11Asia PacificSouth Korea573331.10
14Asia PacificAustralia442300.76
17Asia PacificJapan381810.60
19North AmericaMexico201180.39

You’re more likely to find an unoccupied charging point in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the world

Nothing is worse than turning up at a charging station and finding all the points are occupied. The ratio of charging stations to charging points is important for EV drivers battling range anxiety.

The Netherlands steams ahead with the most convenient ratio, of 15.7 points per station.

Norway follows with 13.5 points per station, and Denmark flanks with 13 points per station.

Europe as a whole has a decent ratio of 10.1 points per station. The USA matches this with 10.1 points, and then China follows with an average of 7.4 points per station.

average number of tesla supercharger points per live charging location

average tesla supercharger points per live charging locations by country

Average Charging Points Per Live Charging Locations

The table below details the ratio of charging stations to charging points for all countries with at least 10 Live Charging Locations.

PosGeographic LocationCountryLive Charging LocationsTotal PointsLive Locations : Charging Points
8North AmericaUnited States1,21512,32510.1
11North AmericaCanada1311,2529.6
12EuropeUnited Kingdom877628.8
14Asia PacificChina1,1348,4017.4
17North AmericaMexico201185.9
18Asia PacificSouth Korea573335.8
19Asia PacificAustralia442305.2
20Asia PacificJapan381814.8
21Asia PacificNew Zealand13594.5

Canada has the most technologically advanced Supercharger Network in the world 

In 2019, Tesla introduced the V3 Supercharger which is said to cut charging time by 50% to around 15 minutes. V3 units are designed to allow Tesla batteries to charge at the full power their battery can manage, rather than splitting it with the cars charging nearby.

Older versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X received over-the-air updates to take advantage of these faster charging speeds, and all new Teslas can now charge at a maximum of 250kW - the maximum charging speed of a V3 charger. This means almost anybody with a Tesla can benefit from the new charging standard.

Currently, 37.4% of Tesla’s Supercharger network is formed of V3 Chargers.

Canadian Tesla drivers are best placed to take advantage of this - 48.1% of the entire Supercharger network in Canada is composed of V3 chargers.

China comes next with 42.9%, then South Korea with 42.1%.

percentage of tesla superchargers by country

Composition of V3 Superchargers by Country

The following table shows the composition of V3 Superchargers for all countries that have at least 10 Live V3 Superchargers.

PosGeographic LocationCountryLive Charging Locations250kWV3 Supercharger Network (%)
1North AmericaCanada1316348.1
2Asia PacificChina1,13448742.9
3Asia PacificSouth Korea572442.1
6North AmericaUnited States1,21545137.1
7EuropeUnited Kingdom872933.3
10Asia PacificJapan381128.9


Whilst the Tesla Supercharger network is the strongest in the world, there is a long way to go to ready it for a complete mass market.

Its growth so far has certainly made it easier for drivers in Tesla’s most profitable countries, namely the US and China.

The coverage remains a little patchy, with long distances between Superchargers even in areas where Tesla is most popular. However, Tesla’s expansion plans will go a long way to fill in the gaps.

Only time will tell how their rollout in future years will help equalise access to Superchargers around the world!


  • The data for this campaign was scraped from the Tesla Superchargers section of the Tesla website.
  • The available China data was gathered from the Tesla China domain as it was confirmed to be more up-to-date and accurate by a Senior Chinese Tesla journalist. The China domain also combines all Chinese Provinces together. 
  • The ‘Percentage of V3 Superchargers by Country’ table only includes countries with at least 10 Live V3 Superchargers.
  • The rest of the tables only include countries with at least 10 Live Charging Stations.
  • Data collected correect as of 01/12/21 December

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