The World's Most Watched
EVs on YouTube

In spite of all the global travel restrictions, we’ve managed to take a trip to the depths of YouTube and back to find the most watched pure electric vehicles on the site.

It comes as no surprise that the list is dominated by Elon Musk’s platoon of innovative EVs, but there are certainly a few curveballs that have been thrown into the mix.

Has your favourite EV missed out on the top 10 list? Not to worry - personal lease and business lease experts Lease Fetcher have compiled a table of the top 25 most-watched pure EV’s so you can see how close it was to making the top 10!

Top 25 EVs | The Data | Methodology

Top 25 Most Watched SUVs Data

PositionTop 25 EVsViewsYoutube Search Volume
1tesla model s330,041,88485000
2tesla model x255,925,442105000
3tesla cybertruck254,416,448182000
4tesla model 3171,915,436283000
5tesla roadster131,024,614151000
6porsche taycan100,553,82878000
7audi e tron69,279,76235000
8renault zoe59,540,87820000
9nissan leaf58,379,87933000
10renault twizy53,172,26919000
11tesla model y49,217,23678000
12rimac concept one48,129,1045800
13mercedes eqc45,159,76411000
14rimac concept two42,704,4067900
15bmw i340,097,11629000
16hyundai kona36,790,70459000
17hyundai ioniq36,464,11516000
18mini electric34,440,385300
19jaguar i pace32,246,13620000
20toyota mirai30,043,5917000
21honda e28,610,12712000
22kia e niro19,824,9051700
23mazda mx 3016,968,634250
24chevrolet bolt15,885,0832700
25polestar 215,299,45517000


  • We gathered a list of every pure EV that has ever been produced.
  • We then used Ahrefs data to establish the primary keyword for each model i.e. (Audi E Tron, Tesla Model 3). 
  • Using YouTube API data, we pulled down the top 50 most viewed videos that featured the exact match search term (i.e Audi E Tron, Tesla Model 3) in the title of the video. 
  • After calculating the number of views for each of the top 50 videos for each car model that featured the search term in the title, we ordered the car models by total view count and entered the relevant data into the graphics.
  • You can access all the graphics here