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The DS 3 range is one of the first major vehicle ranges for the DS brand. The range features the DS 3 Crossback, a compact SUV model and the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, an EV alternative. Both are best suited to families who need lots of space and low running costs. Less More

Which model is best for me?

Both models share many similarities but have striking differences.

If you go for the DS 3 Crossback, you’ll get:

  • Choice of petrol or diesel.
  • Incredible fuel economy (52.3 - 76.3 MPG).
  • Lower monthly lease costs.

If you go for the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, you’ll get:

  • Electric-only powertrain - no emissions!
  • 206 miles of electric range on a single charge.
  • 0-80% charging time of just 30 minutes at a rapid charger.

Both models have the same amount of boot space (350 litres), a premium interior, and top tech - all for a much lower cost than many of their competitors.

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