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The DS 3, which was formerly the Citroen DS 3, was the first major DS vehicle range. With several different body styles and contract hire vehicles on offer, the DS 3 line-up has something for everyone. Check out our car leasing deals below.

Two significant models were unveiled in 2016; the DS 3 Hatchback and the DS 3 Cabrio, both small, speedy and nimble supermini vehicles perfect for people living in cities with tight roads. In 2019, DS revised the model again and brought the DS 3 Crossback Hatchback to market, a luxury SUV offering that also has its own electric variant, the DS 3 Electric Crossback Hatchback. These are larger, 5-door models packed with more advanced tech, particularly when leasing their La Premiere premium trim option.

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Leasing a Ds DS 3

History of Ds DS 3

The DS 3 range was launched back when DS was known as Citroen DS; the line had been introduced by Citroen as an alternative, luxury brand of compact vehicles. Designed to run in parallel with Citroen's own-brand offerings, DS is now recognised as a standalone marque thanks in no small part to the success of the DS 3 range. These 3-door and 5-door vehicles are packed full of technological advancements as well as interior comforts that combine to make the DS 3 range a standout on the market. This was underlined with the launch of the The DS 3 Crossbacke-Tense which is an all-electric luxury compact SUV that impresses.

Ds DS 3 Engines and Performance

In terms of engines, DS 3 cars are highly customisable vehicles with either petrol or diesel options. DS calls their petrol line the PureTech, whilst their diesel engines are known as BlueHDI. Though it differs depending on your engine choice, some DS3s enjoy an impressive 45 mpg. As new cars, they also benefit from driving assistance technology such as cruise control. Whatever the purposes of your car lease, a DS 3 will typically have a manual gearbox or the excellent Eat8 automatic transmission and enough performance power to serve you well.

Ds DS 3 Features

DS 3 vehicles have some notable technology features, like DS 3 Crossback’s ADML Proximity Technology, designed to assist with parking and security. DS 3’s have also been designed with semi-autonomous driving in mind and also benefit from a FOCAL sound system, perfect for anyone who likes to blast music while they drive.

Ds DS 3 Servicing and Warranty

All vehicles in the DS 3 range are subject to DS Warranties, meaning that all petrol and diesel vehicles are subject to 36-month warranties whilst their electric cars enjoy even longer warranties for their battery. DS also manage a thorough DS Servicing plan, designed to ensure all their vehicles are properly maintained on a regular basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Ds DS 3?

The cost of leasing a DS 3 depends on which model and trim you’re hoping to lease. Whether you want a personal lease or a business lease, the best way to find the right deal for you is to regularly search through Lease Fetcher. Road tax is included. If you want to access business lease deals exc VAT, then you will need a VAT registration number, regardless of your trading style, and possibly a company number.

Is it better to buy or lease a Ds DS 3?

Leasing can be a cheap way to drive a brand new car. Rather than paying the large upfront purchase price, you will need to pay an initial payment and then monthly payments. This may not only be cheaper, but it also means it is easier for you to upgrade your vehicle once your current leasing deal ends.