Ds DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Lease

The DS Electric Crossback, also known as the DS E-Tense, is a 100% electric compact SUV. Designed as an affordable luxury contract hire car, this electric vehicle will help you save your pennies whilst also saving the environment in style. Check out our DS car leasing deals including the capable model below which is part of the DS 3 range.


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Leasing a DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback

Background to the DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback

The DS DS 3 Crossback launched in 2018 with both petrol and diesel fuel type options, but the E-Tense model has been created as an all-electric alternative. As the second DS vehicle designed and built as an original vehicle after the DS brand moved away from Citroen branding, the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense benefits from advanced technological design alongside its environmentally-friendly consumption. As a 5-door SUV with 3 driving modes (Sport, Normal and Eco), and folding door style door mirrors, the DS Electric Crossback hatchback is a practical solution to your electric car needs.

DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback Engines and Performance

Depending on the driving mode selected, the 50kWh E-Tense battery is capable of delivering a WLTP range of 174-203 miles at 45mph with the air con on before needing to recharge at a charger point. In addition to this battery capacity, it boasts a top speed of 93mph. It also sports other impressive performance-focused design choices, like alloy wheels, which help it compete with the PureTech petrol alternative.

DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback Trim Levels

The DS Electric Crossback hatchback is available in a number of different trims which improve its aesthetic design and performance. This includes the Prestige trim which adds sat nav and automatic air conditioning. For the finest DS Electric Crossback hatchback trim, however, you need to be leasing the La Premiere model, which includes City Pack drive assist technology and an impressive interior design.

DS DS Electric Crossback hatchback Safety and Infotainment Features

The E-Tense benefits from cruise control and rear parking sensors to improve your safety. In addition, the touchscreen includes AppleCarPlay for integration with Apple phones as well as Android Auto via Bluetooth technology. The vehicle’s exterior door has keyless entry, and the vehicle also boasts a unique LED spotlight integrated into its design. There’s also a head-up display where the E-Tense’s vital information is displayed on the windscreen.

DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback Servicing and Warranty

A new DS Electric Crossback car lease will see the battery being covered by DS Warranties for 8 years or 100,000 miles. To ensure your electric vehicle is properly serviced, you’ll also have access to DS Servicing and MOT advice.

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Finding a DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback?

DS Automobiles lease deals will vary depending on the trim and engine involved. To find the best car lease deal available right now, including road tax, make sure to regularly check through Lease Fetcher’s dedicated lease deal search engine. Be aware of excess mileage charges and road tax is included.

Is it better to buy or lease a DS DS Electric Crossback Hatchback?

Leasing an electric vehicle can be preferable for some, rather than buying because of the depreciation that new cars have. Leasing ensures you’re only paying monthly repayments equivalent to the depreciation on a vehicle and means you’re able to easily lease a new car once your current lease deal expires.

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