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The second-generation DS vehicle, the DS 7 Crossback is a sophisticated SUV with a sculpted and elegant aesthetic. More than just a recognisable exterior, the DS 7 Crossback adopts the highest tech DS has to offer, becoming one of the most reliable and comfortable contract hire SUVs on the market. Check out our DS 7 Crossback car leasing deals below.


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Leasing a DS DS 7 Crossback

Background to the DS DS 7 Crossback

The DS 7 Crossback came to market in 2018, paving the way for DS’s second generation of vehicles and one of the first to be known solely by the DS brand, rather than as the Citroen DS. As a 5-door SUV, the DS 7 Crossback has been designed as a no-compromise compact luxury crossover. The emphasis here is on comfort, as the DS 7 leads the charge as DS moves towards vehicles made from high-quality materials and sophisticated tech. Above all, this is DS designing a car that’s simply enjoyable to drive.

DS DS 7 Crossback Engines and Performance

The DS 7 Crossback has a choice of either petrol or diesel engines. There is the award-winning PureTech petrol choice for performance, and the BlueHDI diesel engines offer economy. The engines are paired with either a standard manual gearbox or the smooth-changing EAT8 automatic transmission. There’s also the DS 7 E-Tense with a hybrid petrol engine and two electric motors to offer an all-electric range of 40 miles and fuel economy of up to 235mpg.

DS DS 7 Crossback Trim Levels

The DS 7 has a number of different trims. The Performance Line is the best DS has to offer, with a unique interior and sports-focused performance enhancements. To enjoy comfort over performance, you should look at the Prestige trim - the diesel BlueHDI Prestige offers comfort and economy or the Puretech Prestige for petrol DS 7s. Or there’s the Elegance trim, which has a more executive look as well as additional features like cruise control and driver attention warning.

DS DS 7 Crossback Safety and Infotainment Features

A petrol or diesel Crossback hatchback DS 7 comes with some serious tech, including DS’s technologically advanced SUV Cockpit. It is managed by a 12-inch display with BlueTooth integration as well as smartphone connectivity options. Safety features for the DS 7 Crossback includes several active scan suspension and ‘Dynamic Tranquility’ improvements specifically designed to aid and ease your driving experience.

DS DS 7 Crossback Servicing and Warranty

All DS 7 Crossbacks are subject to DS Warranties ensuring the vehicle is covered for three years or 60,000 miles. In addition to this, DS manage their own sophisticated DS Servicing Plan, designed to ensure your Crossback gets serviced at scheduled intervals.

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Finding a DS DS 7 Crossback Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a DS DS 7 Crossback?

The cost of a DS DS 7 Crossback car lease depends on a number of factors, such as the trim level and engine type. To find the best deals available today, make sure to search through LeaseFetcher; we’ll help you find the right provider, then direct you to their website where you can request a callback or discuss your requirements. Road tax is included.

Is it better to buy or lease a DS DS 7 Crossback?

With leasing, you only need to pay the depreciation value of a vehicle each month - after the initial payment. This can make it a cheaper alternative to buying a vehicle outright, making it a more desirable option when considering a DS DS 7 Crossback. Personal leasing deals are quoted inc VAT, while business prices are exc VAT.

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