Car Buying Guide

So, you need a new set of wheels. How do you go about bagging the best car on the best deal?

First off, how do you pick the right car? Old or new? What body style? What fuel type?

And how are you going to finance it? Are you going to buy or lease? Go for a PCP deal or hire purchase?

And what about all the paperwork? What do you need to show? What are you rights if things go wrong?

So many questions! We have answers! We've created loads of posts here which will guide you through the process of securing a shiny new car.

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Should I Lease Or Finance My Next Car?

When it comes down to the basic principles, leasing and financing your car can seem like much the same thing.  You have set monthly payments over a couple of years in order to drive your flashy new car, and no huge upfront cost. But there are key differences that may influence your decision to l...

What is Car Hire Purchase and is it Right For Me?

If you're in the majority of people who can't buy a car outright, there are fortunately a number of alternative ways to get your hands on a hot new set of wheels.  There are loads of car finance deals available to help you out, and though they’re not exciting or fun (and can be frustrating), s...

PCP vs Car Leasing: Which Is Right For Me?

Are you itching to get yourself on the roads, but stuck in a predicament when it comes to choosing your car finance options? What is financing a car, for starters? Should you buy or lease? PCP or HP? What about PCP vs lease? Both Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and car leasing are feasible cho...

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What Is A V5C?

What Is A V5C?

A V5C is one of those documents you hear referred to all the time. Whether you own a car, or are looking to buy one, your car’s V5C is one of the...

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