What Is The Average Car Price In The UK?

4 minutes Published: 20/04/2022

If you’re looking to buy a new car, the first thing you’ve probably thought about is how much cash you’re able to splash.

Whether you’re buying for the first time, or this ain’t your first rodeo, the cost can often come as a shock. You think you’ve finally found the one, then the salesman hits you with the £50k price tag… maybe not.

To help guide you on your budget of how much to spend on a car, we take a look at the average car prices in the UK based on their body type and model. 

Average price overall

The average cost of a car can be difficult to work out, purely because there are so many influencing factors. Everything from the size, make, model, and spec can have a huge impact on what you pay.

To help make working out the cost that little bit simpler, we’ve split up the average costs by car body style. We calculated the costs based on the 10 most popular models of each car body type.

Large Cars

Unfortunately, for large car enthusiasts, they typically work out to be the most expensive. As they simply require more materials to be made, and often come with larger tyres, the upfront cost is already boosted.

Average SUV cost - £38,015

Other than the Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Tarraco, at roughly £28k and £30k respectively, most popular SUVs came in at around the £40k mark. 

Car Model Cost
Audi Q5 £44,115
Land Rover Discovery Sport £31,820
BMW X3 £44,205
Jaguar F-Pace £40,675
Skoda Kodiaq £28,185
Mercedes Benz GLC £44,545
Alfa Romeo Stelvio £33,990
Volvo XC60 £42,830
Seat Tarraco £30,080
Kia Sorento £39,710

Average MPV cost - £28,331

MPV costs really depend on the manufacturer. You can get a reliable Citroen Berlingo for around £22,000, or pay close to £34,000 for the more upmarket Ford Galaxy.

Car Model Cost
Volkswagen Touran £29,750
SEAT Alhambra £30,600
Renault Grand Scenic £23,285
VW Sharan £33,135
Ford S-Max £33,335
Ford Galaxy £33,735
Citroen Berlingo £22,135
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer £30,210
Peugeot Rifter £23,620
Vauxhall Combo Life £23,505

Medium cars

If you’re looking for something a bit more conservative, a medium car should fit the bill. Costs for a hatchback are significantly lower than larger cars, whilst saloon and estate prices really vary depending on the manufacturer. 

Average hatchback cost - £21,964

The ever handy hatchback comes in at a fairly reasonable average cost. Prices are fairly consistent at around £20,000, unless you opt for the pricier Audi or BMW hatchbacks.

Car Model Cost
VW Golf £20,280
Ford Focus £21,995
Seat Leon £20,855
Audi A3 Sportback £24,825
BMW 1 Series £26,450
Mazda 3 £21,720
Skoda Octavia £21,700
Kia Ceed £19,225
Honda Civic £19,645
Mercedes Benz A-Class £22,945

Average saloon cost - £36,852

Though you can get a lower cost saloon like the Skoda Octavia for just £21,700, higher cost saloons such as the BMW M5 Series (a whopping £88,880!) drive the average up.

Car Model Cost
BMW 3 Series £33,250
BMW M5 Series £88,880
Guilia by Alfa Romeo £33,190
Jaguar XE £29,975
Skoda Superb £30,860
Audi A6 £37,629
Skoda Octavia £21,700
VW Passat £28,205
Lexus IS £32,279
Volvo S90 £32,555

Average estate cost - £30,768

Car Model Cost
BMW 5 Series Touring £42,710
Skoda Superb Estate £30,860
Ford Focus Estate £22,215
Mercedes E-Class Estate £42,100
VW Arteon Shooting Brake £34,370
Audi A6 Avant £42,735
Volvo V90 £42,045
Peugeot 508 SW £27,970
Skoda Octavia Estate £22,680

Small cars

Undeniably the most budget friendly, small cars come with the lowest upfront price, and the lowest car running costs

Average city car cost - £13,600

City cars are just about the best bang for your buck when it comes to cheap cars. The Kia Picanto starts at just £11,450. The Volkswagen e-UP starts at around £24,085, over double!

Car Model Cost
Fiat 500 £12,214
VW Up £12,380
Hyundai i10 £13,195
Kia Picanto £11,450
Toyota Aygo £13,335
Suzuki Ignis £14,249
Fiat Panda £11,895
Citroen C1 £12,195
Peugeot 108 £12,785
Volkswagen e-Up! £24,085

Average supermini cost - £17,736

Car Model Cost
Ford Fiesta £16,385
VW Polo £16,930
Vauxhall Corsa £16,440
Seat Ibiza £16,790
Peugeot 208 £16,910
Honda Jazz £19,445
Toyota Yaris £20,210
Audi A1 £19,955
Mini Hatch £16,200
Renault Clio £18,100

Cost of the UK’s most popular models

If you’re not quite sure which body style you want to go for, why not look at some of the UK’s most popular cars? 

Car Model Cost
Vauxhall Corsa from £15,485
Ford Fiesta from £16,385
VW Golf from £20,280
Mercedes Benz A-Class from £23,085
Ford Puma from £20,415
VW Polo from £15,010
Kia Sportage from £21,560
Toyota Yaris from £16,184
BMW 3 Series from £29,990
Nissan Qashqai from £22,875

When considering your car, the make and model will have a huge influence on more than the upfront cost of the car. More expensive car brands will see your average car insurance cost rise significantly, so it’s always worth checking quotes on sites like CompareTheMarket.

Though upmarket brand cars could require less frequent repairs, it can be a gamble with car maintenance costs, as repairs are more costly.


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