Can You Add Extras to a Lease Car?

4 minutes Published: 15/09/2022

“Can I add optional extras to a car if I’m leasing it?”

This is a question we get asked a lot. I mean, a lot.

The short answer is: Yes!

And if there's a short answer, that means there's probably a long answer too. With personal contract hire and business contract hire, adding optional extras is obviously a little bit different to adding them to a car you're buying but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

In this blog, I'll deal with some of the key differences and explain what you should look out for.

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How Are Optional Extras Charged on Lease Cars?

Since you’re essentially renting the car (the leasing company is the registered keeper), there’s often some confusion over how much you pay and how you pay it for optional extras. Here’s how optional extras slot into the car leasing process.

Say you want to lease a Fiat 500L and fancy adding in the Lavazza 500 Espresso Machine. (Yes, this is genuinely an optional extra offered by Fiat!)

Your leasing broker will take the full cost of the optional extra (in this case £169), add it on to the total cost to lease a car, and spread it over the duration of your contract. So, on a 24-month contract, that coffee machine will cost you an extra £7.04 per month.

Some brokers may structure the payment slightly different but in our experience, this is how the majority operate.

lease car extra add-ons

Can I Add Optional Extras To A Lease Car With Bad Credit?

If you have a poorer credit rating and you don't pass the car lease credit check, you may not be allowed to lease a car at all with some brokers.

Others say you don't necessarily need good credit to lease a car, but they will limit you to cheaper cars without fancy add-ons. This will minimise the amount of money they lose if you default on your payments.

Alternatively, some brokers allow you to appoint a car lease guarantor who will make payments if you default, meaning you could get the car you want with the extras you desire.

We can't say one way or the other whether you can add optional extras to your lease car with bad credit. It depends on the broker's approach to customers with poorer credit ratings, so you'll need to reach out to them directly!

Are Optional Extras Worth It?

There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that optional extras just aren’t worth the investment on a lease car. After all, you pay the full list price for the add-on but you only get to use them for the length of your car lease contract.

I get why that seems unfair.

However, I don’t think that should stop you from picking the optional extras you want. You’ve just got to look at the price and decide whether you're happy to pay it.

Sometimes that’s easier than others.

Take the £878 Jaguar F-Pace keyless entry bracelet. It’s basically a Fitbit band with none of the fitness stuff and it’ll save you about five minutes over the course of your lease. A definite miss from us.

On the other hand, you’ve got heated steering wheels, which I think are worth buying no matter what price the manufacturer charges!

You can try your hand at some car lease negotiation or reduce the initial overall lease price by following some of our car leasing tips, like waiting for the best time to lease a car.

discussing car lease extras

When Do I Add Optional Extras?

After you submit an enquiry with your chosen leasing broker, you'll be assigned a leasing consultant. Your consultant will explain all your options and help you choose the best optional extras for your car.

Make sure you don’t place your order without asking about optional extras as it's harder to add optional extras the further your application has progressed.

You can ask about putting a private place on the financed car - you can move over an existing one or buy a brand new one.

Once you've finalised your choices, everything gets bundled up with your order and sent to the manufacturer. Some optional extras may extend how long it takes to lease the car.

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