Whose Responsibility Is Road Tax With A Lease Car?

1 minutes Published: 06/02/2020

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If you drive a vehicle on UK roads it is a legal requirement that you pay road tax, or else you must make a statutory off road notification (SORN). Thankfully, road tax isn’t an issue with a lease car.

lease car road tax

Is road tax included in a car lease?

Road tax applies to all types of vehicles - lease cars are no exception. So whether you decide to lease a car from us on business contract hire or personal contract hire, road tax is included in your leasing contract.

That’s right, all of our car leasing brokers will deliver your new vehicle to your door with road tax included. This is because the finance company remains the registered owner of the vehicle, so it remains their responsibility. Luckily, this means you won’t need to tax your car for the duration of your lease contract. On the other hand, if you bought a car, you would be responsible for taxing it annually. You can check that your lease car is taxed on the DVLA website.

Why is road tax important?

If you fail to renew your road tax annually you may face a fine or penalty points if you’re caught driving without. 

The switch to online tax renewal in October 2014 has caught many people out as they no longer have paper tax discs in the windscreen to remind them when their road tax is due for renewal. Ouch.

Luckily, leasing your brand new car gives you peace of mind - road tax is included in your personal contract hire agreement, so you won’t ever have to worry about renewing again. It’s all included in your monthly payments and initial rental! 

So, if leasing a car means you can drive your brand new Mercedes without having to worry about road tax until the end of the contract - or ever, if you decide to lease again - why wouldn’t you want to lease a brand new car?

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