10 Best Car Maintenance Apps for iPhone and Android (Updated 2021)

6 minutes Published: 11/04/2022

The vast majority of car problems can be avoided with regular car maintenance. The trouble is, with repairs, services, MOTs and extras, it’s difficult to keep track of what work a car needs and what work it's had done.

And that’s where car maintenance apps come in.

These handy apps let you keep track of your DIY car maintenance and professional servicing and repairs from your smartphone, helping you organise an effective maintenance schedule.

For this article, I’ve put dozens of maintenance apps to test and have selected my 5 favourite iPhone apps and my 5 favourite Android apps.

Important: We do not receive any payment/perks for these recommendations. These views are fully our own.

5 best car maintenance apps for iPhone

If you’ve got an iPhone in your back pocket, you’re locked into the App Store ecosystem. The good news is that there’s a bunch of outstanding apps on offer, although many of them are paid.

Here are the best 5 apps we’ve tested in the office. (I’ve ordered them by their App Store review rating.)

Fuelly 4.7/5

Fuelly started off as a simple fuel efficiency tracker but steadily developed into a multifunctional app. Right now, Fuelly can help you track and monitor your fuel efficiency and record your service history. It also supports custom reminders for things like tyre rotations, oil changes, interim/full services and so on. 

If you often forget how often you should wash your car, or how often your car needs waxed, Fuelly can ping you with a notification.You even have the option to store photos and PDFs, and create Excel compatible email reports.

The main downside is that you can’t enter litres when using MPG, which makes it trickier for UK users.

However, it does boast almost 800 strong reviews, and you can get the basic version for free! 


Vehicle Maintenance Tracker (VMT) (4.7/5)

A great option if you want to track all previous and upcoming maintenance, VMT allows you to add maintenance items and updates like oil changes, tire change, battery and brakes. 

If you often find yourself dreading how much maintenance check ups are going to hurt your wallet, VMT can help. You can stay on top of your car maintenance costs by attaching receipts to your maintenance items. If you know something needs replaced or repaired again, just head to the app and check how much you paid last time.

KnowYourCar (4.5/5) 

An excellent companion app for any new or current drivers, KnowYourCar does just about everything. If you’re lost on the types of car services, or even how often you should service your car, KnowYourCar does the work for you.

You can get reminders when a service or replacement is due, and recommendations on the best garages near you. By simply typing in your registration, get information about your car like the recommended tyre pressure, the correct oil to use, and the right battery.

Everything you ever needed to know about your car like MOT, tax and insurance status - all in one handy app!


Simply Auto (4.4 /5 )

Offering much of the same services as its competitors, Simply Auto assists you with fuel management, tracking your maintenance and general car expenses.

One of the most straightforward to use, the app offers easy to view stats and graphs for you to check on your expenses like fuel cost per month, and service cost per kilometre.

Where this app excels above others is if you have a company car or business car lease. If you’ve had one before, you likely know the struggle of trying to remember the mileage on trips you’ve already completed. 

With Simply Auto, a GPS tracker does it all for you. Recording your tax deductible and reimbursable mileage, Simply Auto stores your business and personal trips all on the app. 


AutoCare (3.3 / 5)

AutoCare is a colourful little app that records your fuel and service records, and generates a maintenance schedule. Everything in the app is super simple and intuitive to use and I had no problem adding, editing and removing maintenance events for several cars.

It supports multiple vehicles, which is really handy if you’ve got a couple of cars in your household. Plus, it syncs with iCloud too, which is great for people concerned with back-ups.

Though AutoCare falls short on the rating, it is one of the cheapest paid-for apps on the list at only £2.99. 

5 best car maintenance apps for Android

If you’re more of an Android fan and have a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or other Android-powered phone in your pocket, there’s a bunch of great apps available through Google Play.

Here are the best 5 apps we’ve tested in the office. (I’ve ordered them by Google Play review rating.)

Drivvo (4.7 / 5)

Drivvo is a brilliant app for both iPhone and Android that brings all your motoring expense tracking into one place. From tracking regular car maintenance to calculating your real-world fuel efficiency, Drivvo is a one-stop shop for all things automotive.

You start off by entering a few details about your car — make, model, license plate, fuel type, VIN number, etc — and then you’re good to go.

To get the most out of Drivvo, you’ve really got to commit and log every expense related to your car. Every time you fill up your car, you log in. Every time you get something repaired, you log it. Every time you go in for a service, you log it.

If you’re diligent, you get a bunch of great data like average fuel efficiency and average repair costs.

There’s a free and paid version of the app. The free version is plenty powerful and is good enough for the vast majority of motorists. The paid version rips out the ads, supports cloud backups, cross-device synchronisation and improved support.

DIY Car Maintenance (4.7 / 5)

This app is unlike a lot of the others on the list. While most of the other apps are for logging and tracking, DIY Car Maintenance is all about education. 

It offers super simple step-by-step instructions for a bunch of simple car maintenance tasks. If you’re a fan of some DIY maintenance, even if just a pre-MOT check, this is the app for you.

Whether it’s changing the oil, replacing a tyre, checking engine fluids or swapping out the cabin filter, this app has you covered.

Oh, and it’s free which is nice.

Car Problems & Repairs (4.2 / 5)

This is a free app and you should try and remember that when you’re fighting past all the adverts. Yes, the ads are annoying but there is a brilliant app behind them.

Car Problems & Repairs is essentially a diagnostic app you can use to help work out what’s going on with your car.

Everything is segmented by manufacturer and broken up into problem categories like Transmission, Engine Cooling and Battery. Just find the section you’re looking for and scroll through until you find the symptoms to match your car.

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite (3.9 / 5)

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite (catchy name, I know) is a solid little app for recording maintenance and repairs.

Since it’s built around automated reminders, all you need to do is log your services and the app will automatically send you updates when it’s time to book another. If you record your fuel costs and odometer readings, it’ll also produce automated fuel efficiency reports, allowing you to see just how efficient your driving is.

One of the things I really like is the customisation aspect. You can change most of the units, allowing you to set it up for our weird UK system where we drive miles, buy fuel in litres and calculate the fuel efficiency by the gallon!

aCar (3.1 / 5)

With a million downloads, I had high hopes for aCar. Thankfully, it more than lives up to the hype. 

On the surface, aCar is like most other logging apps but it really distinguishes itself in how easy it is to use. Fire up the app and you’ll be scheduling upcoming maintenance work in seconds.


We hope you find what you’re looking for with these apps. Some are complimentary, so play around and download a few and see which works best for you!

To keep you on track of your routine maintenance, check out our car maintenance checklist and these expert car maintenance tips!