Electric Cars

If you're in the market to buy or lease a car for personal or business reasons, you've come to the right place.

Electric cars are still quite new to our roads - just when you thought you knew everything there is about choosing and running a car, a whole bunch of other considerations are thrown into the mix!

We've compiled all of our posts relating to electric cars below. Whether you're looking for helping picking the perfect EV for your family or work, want to learn the ins and outs of charging, or you need assistance navigating electric vehicle tax regulations, you'll find the guidance you need here.

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The Definitive Guide to Buying (Or Leasing) An Electric Car

If you’re making the switch for the first time, buying or leasing an electric car is quite the change! Whilst UK electric car sales are booming month-on-month, EVs still aren’t the norm, so there are a fair few adjustments to make. That said, the benefits are immense. If you’re considering ...

Electric Car Charging Points For Business: Things To Consider

For businesses, leasing or buying electric cars is a no-brainer. The UK Government offers comprehensive tax benefits for electrifying vehicle fleets and the cost of ‘refuelling’ is a fraction of the cost for a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle.  But to take full advantage of electric vehi...

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