Car maintenance takes loads of different forms – despite what you might think, it’s not all about car repairs and tinkering around with parts of the car under the bonnet.

There’s more to car maintenance than this alone.

For instance, it’s easy to underestimate how important cleaning your vehicle actually is if you want to keep it working reliably.

In fact, cleaning your car is arguably just as practical a maintenance task as changing a flat tyre or replacing a dodgy windscreen wiper in the long term.  Fail to keep your car clean and you risk significantly reducing the lifespan of different parts of your car– from the bodywork on the exterior, to the seats and upholstery in the interior.

I’ve devoted this section entirely to car care – this should give you all the insider tips about how to make the cleaning process quicker and easier.

How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro

For years, I would get really frustrated when I was washing my car because I could never seem to get that professional quality finish that the real car washers would be able to give it.

Then, after some internet research, I realised what I was doing wrong! Instead of just aiming your hose at the car and hoping for the best, you need to think of the wash in terms of stages in a process.

So, there are normally three stages to a professional car wash:

  1. Pre-rinse and pre-wash
  2. Full wash
  3. Final rinse and dry

Each process does particular things that help to contribute to that dazzling final gleam you’re probably searching for.

I give you all the information you need about what to do in each step in my blog, How To Wash Your Car Like A Pro.

Car Cleaning Tips

There’s obviously much more to caring for a car than just cleaning the exterior too.

The interior of the car arguably something that really does need to be regularly kept clean – mainly because of the fact that you’re constantly in it whenever you’re using the car and it can have the habit of collecting rubbish if you’re not careful.

From taking small precautions like making sure you change out of muddy shoes when you’re driving, through to vacuuming your mats and scrubbing your seats with carpet cleaner, taking the time to look after the interior elements of your car can help to increase the lifespan of all of its components – saving you time and money in the long term.

In Car Cleaning Tips, Tim Alcock from LeaseCar gives us the lowdown on his favourite car care tips in Car Cleaning Tips From The Pros.

Cleaning leather seats

Leather seats are probably that quintessential element that defines a luxury car. They’re comfortable and they look incredible.

They’re also surprisingly easy to maintain and keep in a great condition – as long as you keep on top of the cleaning routine.

It’s generally recommended that you use a proper leather liquid cleaner and conditioner rather than just traditional soap and water – and there’s a few steps to the process to take into account.

Car expert, Ryan McElroy over at Performance Alloys, gave us his top tips about how to keep your leather seats looking and feeling showroom fresh in this great blog, How To Clean Leather Seats: Advice From The Expert.

Cleaning fabric seats

Fabric car seats come in for a lot of slack from folk who can be bit snobby about them, but they’re perfectly respectable – not all of us are completely enamoured with leather, after all.

Unfortunately, fabric seats can begin to look a bit ropey after a while. Especially if you have young children.  That’s why cleaning them regularly is a good way to reduce the risks of long long term damage and stains happening.

Cleaning fabric car seats is obviously a little bit more difficult than cleaning leather car seats though.

Ryan McElroy, our pal at Performance Alloys, has written us another blinder of a blog, How To Clean Fabric Car Seats: Advice From The Pros, looking at how you can clean fabric car seats yourself to a professional standard.

He recommends using a combination of vacuuming, light scrubbing with a soft brush and carpet cleaner, and also applying a fabric protectant afterwards.

Check it out if you’re looking for tips about how to keep your fabric seats clean.

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