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The Infiniti Q70 is a confident-looking luxury saloon with a sleek body style that demands attention. Described as polished and powerful, the Q70 was designed for the modern executive who isn't afraid to think a little differently. An Infiniti Q70 car leasing deal is the ideal choice for drivers who want to make a first impression that lasts forever. LeaseFetcher has rounded up the best Infiniti lease deals on this fantastic model to make your search for the perfect car a piece of cake.


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Leasing an Infiniti Q70

Background to the Infiniti Q70

Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of carmaker Nissan. The first edition Infiniti Q70 saloon went on sale in 2014, quickly establishing itself as a worthy rival to iconic premium saloons, including the BMW 5 Series. The Special Edition came out later that year, featuring active noise control for a smooth, quiet ride. The latest generation Q70 was unveiled at the Shanghai motor show in 2015. The flowing contours and high-polish finish gave the new model a sleeker appearance. At the same time, the leather interior upholstery and silver-powder wood veneers made sure the revamped Q70 interior was just as stylish.

Infiniti Q70 Engines and Performance

A new Infiniti Q70 is available with petrol, diesel or hybrid engine choices. The petrol and diesel versions come with a powerful 330hp, 3.7-litre engine as standard. Customers who want a little more kick can upgrade to the impressive 416hp, 5.6-litre engine. The hybrid model comes with one engine choice; that's the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid engine. All models include a 7-speed automatic transmission. You can also choose between rear-wheel drive or intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) for added control.

Infiniti Q70 Trim Levels

Infiniti Q70 leasing customers can decide between two trim levels. The LUXE is the entry-level package, featuring an eight-inch touchscreen display with sat nav navigation, BOSE ten-speaker sound system and a variety of driver safety aids. Step up to the LUXE trims and get heated leather front seats with 10-way power adjustment and lumbar support as standard, along with dynamic stability control and ‘intelligent key’ for remote opening and keyless start. 

Infiniti Q70 Safety and Infotainment Features

The Q70 driver-assist systems are a unique blend of active and passive safety technologies that enhance your ability to react and stop issues before they happen. The stand-out feature is the Around View Monitor system. It uses four cameras to give you a bird's eye view when parking or manoeuvring. A blind-spot function means you've always got an extra pair of eyes looking out for you. Q70 lease customers can listen to their favourite playlists through the new generation BOSE sound system. The Apple CarPlay app means you can make hands-free calls and send texts while always keeping eyes on the road.

Infiniti Servicing and Warranty

Infiniti recommends servicing a Q70 every year or 12,000 miles. New cars from Infiniti include a three-year or 60,000 manufacturer's warranty. It covers repairs, as well as paint defects and body corrosion.

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Finding an Infiniti Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

Finding your perfect car lease deal is easy with LeaseFetcher. We've got all the best lease deals from BVRLA car leasing brokers across England, Wales, and the rest of the UK. Search for your brand new lease deal by selecting for personal leasing or business contract hire. Then depending on what you need, find lease deals based on fuel type, lease length, body shape, size, or mileage. And our monthly budget filters means you'll always find a lease offer within your price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy or lease an Infiniti Q70?

Leasing means you get a brand new car without having to pay a large upfront sum. Instead, the cost is broken down into smaller, fixed monthly payments. New cars lose up to 40% of their value during the first three years. With leasing, you'll never be stuck with a car worth much less than what you paid, giving you the option of a hassle-free trade-in when you decide to upgrade.

How much is it to lease an Infiniti Q70?

Monthly payments are calculated by lease length, engine specs, and mileage requirements. The size of your initial payment will also increase or decrease the price of a lease hire.