Welcome to the LeaseFetcher closed beta! This trial will run for two days between the 19th and 20th December. The trial is designed to allow brokers to test the system and identify any remaining bugs we need to fix for launch.

In your email, you should have received your broker login information. Feel free to change your email and password in the Your Account section.


Your Pricing

For simplicity, we have pre-uploaded your pricing sheet to your account. If you did not provide a pricing sheet before the trial, this is a test pricing sheet from our team.



During the test, we have 50 to 150 testers who will simulate real buyers. They are briefed to browse cars, compare deals, submit enquiries and interact with dealers. 

Please treat these users as real customers and interact with them as you would in real life.


Leasing Deals

The test agents have been advised to progress through your leasing process as far as possible. They have also been instructed that any agreement made during the trial is non-binding.

For the benefit of the trial, please treat all deals as realistically as possible.



If you require any support during the trial, please email one of the following contacts: 

These contacts are on call throughout the trial and will respond to you as soon as possible.



During the trial, we encourage you to critically evaluate the system and make suggestions of how to make it better.

If you notice anything that could or should be improved, please email your feedback to: [email protected].

Additionally, during the second day or the day after the trial, we will be in contact to discuss your experience. Please be as candid as you can. Any feedback you provide will help us build the perfect system for you.