Kia PRO Ceed Shooting Brake Special Edition Lease

The Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition is modelled on Kia’s popular ProCeed line and is a sleek five-door shooting brake. The lunar paintwork gives it a premier aesthetic, as does the extensive range of infotainment features. Here at LeaseFetcher, we accumulate the best Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition car lease deals in line and provide you with special offers to make the process of finding your dream contract hire vehicle as easy as possible. 


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Leasing a KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition

Background to the KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake

The Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition was first released in 2019 as a GT-Line Lunar edition to the Kia ProCeed line-up. The special edition was released within the same period as the highly successful Kia e-Niro.  The special edition has the body style of an estate car similar to that of the Kia Ceed Sportswagon and the KIA Sportage as it also has five doors and a large boot.  The car has body-colour bumpers and rear spoiler with a high gloss black trim which contributes to its sleek appearance. The ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition has premium infotainment features including Bluetooth with voice recognition and an 8-inch touchscreen with sat nav.

KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Engines and Performance

The Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition has petrol and diesel fuel types available. There’s either a 1.4-litre or a 1.6-litre T-GDi ISG turbo petrol engine producing 201bhp. There’s just one diesel engine, the 1.6-litre CRDi ISG producing 134bhp. The engines use either a six-speed manual gearbox or a smooth changing seven-speed DCT automatic transmission. The Shooting Brake Special Edition maintains the Kia ProCeed’s reputation for delivering a comfortable drive.

KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Trim Levels

Whereas other Kia Ceed cars come with the option of entry-level trim lines of 2 and 3, the KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition only comes with variations of the GT-Line trim.  The satin chrome fascia is one of the stand-out differences between the special edition and the original Kia ProCeed.

KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Safety and Infotainment Features

The Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition boasts premier safety features such as lane keep assistance, cruise control, rear parking sensors and automatic emergency braking. The Shooting Brake is equipped with high-quality infotainment features including Bluetooth, sat nav and smartphone mirroring for Android and Apple phones.

KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Servicing and Warranty

The Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake, like all other Kia vehicles, comes with a seven-year warranty. Kia recommends that you should have your petrol car serviced every 12 months or after 10,000 miles. 

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Finding a KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

At Lease Fetcher, we pride ourselves on curating the best car leasing deals from the UK's top FCA-approved BVRLA leasing brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK. We ensure that you take advantage of the available latest offers and the comparison filters on our website will help you find the top deals based on your exact specifications. A personal lease, for example, for the excellent ProCeed diesel Shooting Brake, will attract VAT, and a business lease will not. All leases include road tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy or lease a KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition?

Leasing a Kia ProCeed Shooting Brake Special edition is a great option as it is cheaper than buying a vehicle outright as you just have to secure it with an initial payment, followed by monthly payments inc VAT. A key benefit of leasing is that it gives you the opportunity to regularly update your model allowing you to experience driving various top of the range cars with various trims. When considering your lease, you have to take into account the annual mileage and added extras. 

How much is it to lease a KIA ProCeed Shooting Brake Special Edition?

The cost of your lease depends on the amount the car depreciates in value over the course of your lease contract. This will depend on factors like the trim and engine choice, your contract length, and your agreed annual mileage allowance.