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The Range Rover Estate is the Holy Grail of luxury 4x4s, designed for elegance and vigour. You’ll feel like royalty just looking at your new car. For a vehicle that pushes the bounds of modernity and is one of the world’s most highly sought after luxury SUVs, look at the Range Rover Estate. Less More

The Range Rover Estate can also be found in the form of the Range Rover Sport which focuses more on sports agility than flaunting its refinement.

You have the option of diesel or petrol MHEV, pure petrol, or petrol PHEV. With All-Wheel Steering, electronic air suspension and configurable programs that let you take more precise control over your engine’s responsiveness, gearbox and chassis systems, you’ll glide down all roads like a feather in the wind. 

Despite its grand stature, the Range Rover Estate can go from 0 to 60mph in as little as 5.1 seconds and has BHP of up to 565. With a top speed of around 176mph, this robust vehicle is almost unstoppable when it comes to performance. 

When it comes to the exterior design of the Range Rover, less is more. Designed without all the frills, the smooth and sleek exterior is the epitome of futuristic. 

With luxury leather seats available in 5 different colours, sustainable materials like Kvadrat Premium textile and Ultrafabrics, and bespoke finishes, the interior of the Range Rover is truly what sets this car apart. Like Land Rover says, in the Range Rover, every journey becomes an occ in the Range Roverasion. 

Infotainment in the Range Rover is considered one of the best on the market. Included is the Pivi Pro infotainment system, displayed on a 13.1-inch floating touch screen designed specifically for your convenience while you drive. Or, as an additional option, select the futuristic heads Up Display that projects critical information, like your speed and gear position, directly onto your windscreen.

In the rear, there’s entertainment for the family in the form of two 11.4-inch HD screens with HDMI connections for device connection or screen mirroring. The Range Rover even offers a source of Wi-Fi for when you’re on the go!

Similar cars to the Range Rover include the BMW IX and Mercedes GLS

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