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When the Lexus name is mentioned, you often think of luxurious interiors and a suave exterior body. The Lexus ES is a sleek and stylish fuel-efficient saloon that’s kind to the environment and your wallet. Who said luxury can’t be affordable? It’s perfect for those wanting to upgrade their expiring business lease. Less More

Commute to work with exquisite comfort in the Lexus ES, a model that’s more suited for professionals than the family-friendly Lexus NX.

Everything about the Lexus ES is suitable for the busy average professional, from its hands-free boot lid on selected models to the smaller details like its door handle lights - a much-loved feature for existing Lexus owners to navigate their surroundings late at night.

Take a peek under the saloon’s bonnet and you’ll find a 2.5-litre petrol engine, fitted with electric motors and powered by a battery pack located securely under the rear seats. This hybrid model results in low CO2 emissions that trump other well-known car manufacturers. With four trims to choose from; the ES, Premium Edition, F Sport, and Takumi -  the Lexus ES is the most affordable choice.

Sitting behind the wheel, you can enjoy a relatively quiet ride and the ES provides a controlled experience whether driving on the motorway or navigating some long winding roads. The cabin competes with its premium German competitors, adorned in hand-stitched leather, soft and squidgy plastics, and solid-metal door handles. 

This car isn’t short of the very best technological features, like its 12.3” touch-screen display that’s angled smartly closer to the driver for easy use. Experience vivid 3D graphics and control cabin features like audio and climate control with the tap of a button. The Lexus ES has dynamic radar cruise control to help provide a more relaxed drive home.

The Lexus ES is not alone when it comes to hybrid saloons. The Mercedes A-Class is a popular choice for an executive-style drive, whilst the Ford Mondeo Saloon rivals the eco-efficiency of the ES.

If your business lease is coming to an end, you can compare the Lexus ES lease deals with Lease Fetcher. We’ll help find you the best prices for your next business vehicle without compromising on value for money.


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