Lexus IS Lease

The Lexus IS a handsome compact saloon that can give you the contract hire luxury experience without sacrificing economy. With a clever hybrid engine that prioritises low emissions, this model makes it an ideal company car leasing option for the eco-conscious business user. Check our Lexus lease deals for this model below.


2 trims available

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Lexus IS

6 engine choices available

From £338.12 Per Month

Initial Rental: £4,057.49 inc VAT
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Lexus IS F-Sport

6 engine choices available

From £343.60 Per Month

Initial Rental: £4,123.15 inc VAT

Leasing a Lexus IS

Background to the Lexus IS

Following in the tracks of the Lexus CT hatchback, the Lexus RX SUV and others in the Lexus range, this sporty saloon is brimming with high-quality furnishings and practical technology. Similar in size to the Lexus NX, sporting the same engine as the Lexus RC coupe and providing better fuel economy than the Lexus UX, the Lexus IS is a mid-sized lease car that ticks all the boxes.

Lexus IS Engines and Performance

Designing your Lexus IS lease deal is simple as there’s only one engine available on this model – a hybrid-power system consisting of a 2.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The hybrid engine delivers impressive economy for a saloon of between 45 and 49 mpg and CO2 emissions of 133 to 144 g/km - that’s an attractive Benefit in Kind (BiK) rate of 26-27%. This hybrid technology also allows the Lexus IS to drive short distances on electric power so you don’t have to worry about adding to emissions when cruising around town. But the convenience doesn’t stop there – the system is also equipped with a nifty battery that charges while you’re driving so there’s no need to plug in and wait to recharge it.

Lexus IS Trim Levels

There are three trims to consider for your Lexus IS lease deal - the base trim, the F Sport and the premium Takumi. The base trim comes with practical features like parking sensors and LED headlights with automatic high beams but you can also expect some luxuries to be included like heated front seats. The F Sport furnishes the Lexus IS with a range of extras to give you a more athletic experience. With a sports suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels and a front spindle and bumper, this trim makes driving your Lexus IS even more of a pleasure. If you’re wanting a trim that makes the Lexus IS feel like the ultimate indulgence, then the Takumi spec is the way to go. By adding this trim to your lease deal, you’ll be treating yourself to luxury furnishings like smooth top grade leather seats, privacy glass and a premium 15-speaker Mark Levinson surround-sound system.

Lexus IS Safety and Infotainment Features

All models feature the Lexus Safety System+ which includes driver aids like road sign assist, lane keep assist and dynamic radar cruise control. Every Lexus IS also comes with a hill start assist system which holds down the footbrake until you push the accelerator pedal so you can manage those inclines with confidence. You get a comprehensive infotainment system with each trim. At entry level, your Lexus IS lease car is furnished with a rotary dial controlled 7-inch display screen with sat nav and Bluetooth connectivity. If you go with the Takumi trim, then you’ll upgrade to a touchpad controlled 10-inch display.

Lexus IS Servicing and Warranty

When you use LeaseFetcher to find a Lexus IS lease deal, you are guaranteed a new car that is covered under the three-year manufacturer’s warranty for new Lexus vehicles. Lexus suggests an annual hybrid health check for the Lexus IS and each check will extend the warranty by another year. You can learn more by visiting Lexus’s warranty page and servicing page.

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Finding a Lexus IS Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

Finding the perfect Lexus IS contract hire is simple and easy with LeaseFetcher. We gather leasing offers from some of the top BVRLA brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK to help you find the right deal. Whether you’re looking for personal or business car leasing deals, our all-in-one platform has got you covered. Using our clever comparison filters, you’ll be sure to find the ideal Lexus car leasing agreement to suit your budget, estimated mileage, CO2 emissions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Lexus IS?

Your Lexus IS lease deal is priced according to a number of factors. The trim and extra features you choose will affect the Lexus leasing price as well as your initial payment and estimated mileage.

Is it better to buy or lease a Lexus IS?

Car leasing lets you drive premium cars like the Lexus IS, ES saloon and RC F coupe without having to pay the exclusive price of Lexus models. Through a manageable monthly payment, leasing lets you experience all the features and perks that come with driving luxury cars. Check out our Lexus lease deals today and you’ll be riding off in style in no time!

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