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Fun, glamorous and a contract hire car that is a joy to drive, the Lexus LC range offers the perfect car for your dream grand tour. Whether you’re breezing down the Amalfi coast or taking in the idyllic English countryside, an LC car leasing deal can offer you an unforgettable experience.

There are two models in the Lexus LC range - the LC Coupe and the LC Convertible. The Coupe is a swift and powerful ride which is available with two additional packs - the Sport Pack and Sport Pack+. The Sport Pack offers luxury touches like a carbon fibre roof and heated and ventilated leather seats. The Sport+ Pack upgrades the driving feel, outfitting the LC Coupe with a Torsen limited slip differential and electric power and variable gear ratio steering to offer a steering that feels intuitive and easy. The Sport+ Pack is also available on the LC Convertible, a sophisticated soft-top sports car. This model is also furnished with a range of features like active noise control and Lexus climate concierge to help you make the most of roof down driving. Lexus’s signature Mark Levinson surround sound system is also available as an extra on both models, if you want to treat yourself to a concert-level audio experience.

2 Lexus models

Leasing a Lexus LC

History of Lexus LC

As the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus introduced the LC range to offer drivers a powerful yet elegant grand tourer. With a striking spindle grille and a hybrid option, this range encapsulates the Lexus aesthetic and the manufacturer’s cutting edge technology.

Lexus LC Engines and Performance

There are two engines and one fuel type for you to consider for your lease deal - a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine and a 3.5-litre V6 hybrid petrol engine which are available on both models with a multistage gearbox. The V8 is ideal if you’re looking for pure power - it’s got an output of 477bhp on the LC Coupe and can reach 62mph in 4.7 seconds. If you want economy with your Lexus LC contract hire, then opt for the V6 hybrid engine. It is less powerful at 359bhp, but it’s almost as speedy, notching an impressive 0-62mph in 5 seconds. On a combined fuel cycle, it can return a remarkable 44 mpg to help you save fuel. At lower speeds, both models can run on electric power only and are delightfully quiet - perfect for leisurely drives in the countryside.

Lexus LC Features

All LC models are equipped with Lexus Safety System+, Lexus’s package of driver aids which includes features like cruise control, automatic high beams, a pre-collision system and road sign and lane departure assist. The infotainment system in the LC range consists of a 10.3-inch remote touch multimedia display furnished with a number of smart systems such as Lexus Navigation and Lexus Connected Services which lets you turn your lease car into a wifi hotspot - ideal for on-the-go internet browsing!

Lexus LC Servicing and Warranty

When you choose a Lexus LC lease deal using Lease Fetcher, you will receive a new car that is protected by Lexus’s three-year manufacturer warranty for new vehicles. Lexus recommends annual servicing for a new Lexus LC and a yearly Hybrid health check if you opt for a model with a hybrid engine. Visit Lexus’s warranty page and servicing page to find out more.

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Finding a Lexus LC Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

On the hunt for a Lexus LC contract hire that suits you? Lease Fetcher can do the legwork for you! We collect leasing deals from some of the best Financial Conduct Authority-approved BVRLA brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK. Whether you’re searching for a business or personal lease deal, Lease Fetcher’s easy to use platform can help you find just what you’re looking for. Use our nifty comparison filters to find the perfect lease deal to suit your ideal initial payment, monthly rental, estimated mileage and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Lexus LC?

The cost of your Lexus LC lease deal will depend on the conditions of your leasing agreement. Your choice of trim, engine and extras will affect the price as well as your initial payment and estimated mileage. Be aware of excess mileage charges. You can arrange for a callback from a broker’s registered office to discuss your needs in detail.

Is it better to buy or lease a Lexus LC?

Car leasing gives you the chance to drive deluxe models like the LC 500h and LC Convertible without having to pay the premium purchase price upfront for an upmarket brand like Lexus. A leasing deal allows you to enjoy all the luxury that the LC range has to offer for an initial rental amount and then manageable monthly payment. Road tax is included. Personal leasing prices are inc VAT, while business leases are exc VAT - but you will need a VAT registration number, regardless of your trading style, and possibly a company number too. Lease Fetcher offers free delivery of your lease car to a mainland UK address.