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An open-top sports car that looks as good as it feels, the Lexus LC Convertible is glamorous, indulgent, and just plain fun. If you’re looking for a luxury Lexus contract hire car that gives you those windblown moments, then this is the model for you. Check out our car leasing deals for Lexus LC Convertible.


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Lexus LC Convertible

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Leasing a Lexus LC Convertible

Background to the Lexus LC Convertible

The Lexus LC Convertible occupies a growing niche of sports cars that combine a fun driving experience with luxury looks. It’s perfect for those of you that love the feel of a sports car but aren’t so into the racetrack vibes. There’s also the added bonus of the automated soft-top which takes only 15 seconds to go up or down and can be deployed while the car is travelling up to 31mph – ideal for British weather. It's part of the wider Lexus LC range, which includes a standard coupe.

Lexus LC Convertible Engines and Performance

When designing your Lexus LC Convertible lease deal there are two engines and one fuel type to consider - the 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine and the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid-petrol engine. Both engines are available with a 10-speed automatic gearbox but they will differ significantly in power. The V8 notches 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds with an output of 457bhp, while the V6 hybrid will give you 354bhp. The use of aluminium in the suspension and coil springs strengthens the feel of the Lexus LC Convertible without weighing it down. The rear anti-roll bar is more rigid here than in older coupes to give a more streamlined steering input and improve turn-in performance so driving feels breezy and intuitive.

Lexus LC Convertible Trim Levels

There are two trims for your contract hire to choose from - the entry level and the Sport+. Both trims are furnished with a variety of features to give you the best open-air driving experience. An active noise control system, coupled with additional sound insulation, means you will not have to worry about the unwanted noise and sound frequencies that usually accompany top-down cruising. This is especially meaningful if you choose to add the premium Mark Levinson surround-sound system to your lease deal. Riding with the roof up or down is equally enjoyable with the Lexus Climate Concierge which automatically controls the air conditioning for the seat and neck. There are steering wheel heaters to suit top on- or off -driving. The Sport+ trim is only available with the V8 engine and offers six driving modes - Eco, Normal, Comfort, Custom, Sport S and Sport S+ to give you a thrilling and varied drive.

Lexus LC Convertible Safety and Infotainment Features

All Lexus LC Convertibles are equipped with the Lexus Safety System+, a comprehensive provision that includes dynamic radar cruise control, a pre-collision system and road sign assist to keep your experience fun and safe. A remote touch 10.3-inch infotainment screen is available on both trims and comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. A premium sat nav offering includes Google’s Street View capability.

Lexus LC Convertible Servicing and Warranty

When you source a Lexus LC Convertible lease deal through LeaseFetcher, you’ll receive a brand new car that is protected by a three-year manufacturer warranty for new vehicles. Lexus recommends a servicing plan with yearly or 10,000 miles intervals for the Lexus LC Convertible. If you add the V6 hybrid-engine to your lease deal, then Lexus suggests an annual Hybrid Health Check. Find out more by visiting Lexus’s warranty page and servicing page.

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Finding a Lexus LC Convertible Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

Looking for the perfect Lexus LC Convertible lease deal? You’ll find just what you’re looking for with LeaseFetcher. We gather and compile vehicle leases from some of the best BVRLA brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK to make life easy for you, depending on credit approval. Whether you’re wanting a personal lease deal or business lease deal, our all-in-one platform can help find the best contract hire for you. Use our trusty comparison filters to choose a leasing agreement that fits your ideal initial rental, estimated mileage, CO2 emissions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Lexus LC Convertible?

The price of your Lexus LC Convertible lease deal depends on a number of factors. Your choice of trim, engine and optional extras will affect the price as well as your initial payment and estimated mileage. The vehicle images for the LC Convertible really do show an impressive car. You can easily find a contract hire that suits your budget using LeaseFetcher for a lease deal that suits you.

Is it better to buy or lease a Lexus LC Convertible?

Car leasing allows you to drive luxury cars like the Lexus LC Coupe and Convertible without having to pay the premium price for this upmarket brand. It is always worth checking the car’s technical data and vehicle data to ensure the vehicle meets your needs. With leasing you will instead pay a manageable monthly payment (inc vat and road tax - exc VAT for business leases and you will need a company number and a VAT no).