For many the word '7 seater' brings to mind the image of a miserable parent hopelessly cramming children, luggage, and god knows what else into an extremely boring looking car.

Let's face it, no one really wants a 7-seater. It's not exactly high up the desirability scale. However, life happens. Your hair greys and recedes. Your lust for life rapidly diminishes as you sit down with your in-laws for another 'game night'. 

In short, practicality takes over from aesthetic pleasure and driving fun. You envisioned a Tesla Model X being your 'adult car'. Not quite.  

But don't give up! Even if you need a 7-seater, you're not doomed to a driving-life of utter boredom. In fact, something incredible has happened in the 7-seater market in 2019... the cars are actually nice! 

Long gone are the days of the most boring exterior and dashboard you've ever seen. In 2019 you can buy some genuinely good cars with great features.

Who needs a 7-seater?

Of course, a 7-seater is a bit of a niche market. Most of us don't need that many seats. In fact, having to deal with mum's back-seat driver comments as you try to drive your 4-seat Mini is challenging enough, thank you very much.

The car industry has recently tried to make the 7-seater a little bit less tragic than it once was. This is great as you're not stuck with a model that looks good on paper but looks awful in real life.

You can have a 7-seater in a trendy SUV body style or in the vintage MPV (mini-van) style. Our top 10 best 7-seater cars of 2019 have both, so you can compare what works best for you!

A 7-seater is an obvious option for the following two scenarios:

You have a large family: If you need to pack 4 kids, Grandpa, your significant other, and still have space for the dog (and the stacks of painkillers you're inevitably going through), then a 7-seater is for you. With unrivalled space, a 7-seater is the best you can get short of hiring a coach.

You're in a 90's cover band: What better way to roll up to play a gig than in your 7-seater? Rock and roll. In all seriousness, if you have a profession that requires carting around a lot of equipment (musician, photographer, personal trainer) then a 7 seater is a great option for space. Most have removable seats, so you can pack it chock-full of equipment. 

What are the pros and cons of a 7-seater? 

Yes, yes we get it. A 7-seater is useful because it has....7 seats. Shocker, thanks for the enlightening read. 

Well actually, there’s quite a few other advantages and disadvantages you should think about: 


Generous Boot Space: 7-seaters usually have huge boots. If you need even more space, you can put down all of the seats.

Great for towing: If you regularly tow a caravan, a 7-seater can be a good shout as they have very high towing capacities.

Environmentally friendly: Great for carting around a lot of people, saving on CO2 emissions! Although, don't expect a positive response when you mention to everyone at the office about chipping in for a shared 7-seater. “I hate you enough Toby - why would I want to commute with you?”


Expensive: If a car offers a 7-seater option, it's typically quite a bit more expensive than the 5-seater. 

Thirsty: The fuel economy of a 7-seater is usually pretty grim. This is just basic physics, due to the heavier weight and size of the vehicle. That being said, there's some great hybrid options on the market that are making the poor MPG less of an issue! 

A pain to park: Parking a 7-seater MPV is going to be quite a bit more challenging than parking your Hyundai i10. To be fair, it's commonplace for models to offer rear/front parking sensors and a reverse parking camera, which makes this a lot easier.

Best 7-Seaters of 2019

You’ve decided a 7-seater will serve you well. So, which one won’t make your soul want to leave your body as soon as you pop open those sliding doors?

Don’t get overwhelmed. To get you started, here’s our pick for the best 7-seater cars of 2019.

Long-story short, the VW Touran is a golf with 7-seats... which is far from a bad thing.

The Golf is an excellent hatchback, so a bigger version of this with extra space for the kids sounds ideal! 

Unfortunately, the super classy aesthetics of the Golf doesn't quite transfer over to the dimensions of the Touran, but it's far from a bad looking car. 

While not terribly exciting, it's a great practical seven-seater that doesn't make you look like you run a day-care centre. 

Achieving the maximum 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP tests, and coming equipped with a wealth of safety features, you can feel safe knowing that you're driving around the most important people in your life in maximum safety!

Standout Features: 

  • Panoramic sunroof. 
  • 'Pre-Crash protection system': seat belts auto-tighten if the vehicle detects an incoming collision.


  • Use ‘Car-Net Cam-Connect’ (not very catchy VW!) to keep an eye on the back seats.
  • Sloping roofline makes the Touran comfortable for adults.


  • Design is okay but definitely has a taxi driver vibe. 
  • Expensive compared to some competitors.
25 viewed this car Touran Estate View Gallery

Volkswagen Touran Estate

25 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.0
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 111 - 197g/km

From £269.10 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,229.20 inc VAT
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While the ‘Space Tourer' part isn't quite literal (give it 100 years), it’s definitely got a stand-out design compared to other seven-seaters. The C4 really pulls off this more exciting look. 

A big downside of owning a 7-seater is it looks like you're driving a big box with wheels. The C4’s sleek curves and angles makes it nice to look at.

This translates to the interior as well, with some really slick seat trims. The C4 is also extremely practical.

It has one of the best boots in class, with a 632-litre space when you put just the rear row of seats down! Put all of the seats but the front row and you have a staggering maximum of 2,181-litres. 

Standout Features: 

  • Front seats have a massage function and adjustable lumbar support.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible.


  • Seats are a good size for adults.
  • Class-leading boot. 


  • The automatic gearbox is a bit slow and not great to drive.
  • Infotainment system is a pain to use. 
69 viewed this car Grand C4 Spacetourer Estate

Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer Estate

26 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.0
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 98 - 134g/km

From £169.48 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,033.76 inc VAT
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If the Minivan look just isn't for you and you fancy something a little bit posher, the Land Rover Discovery is a great option. 

The Discovery might be Land Rover’s most recognisable and well-received SUV, and the 2019 model hasn’t strayed too far from its roots.

Of course, this is an expensive car, and it feels like it. With an incredibly classy body style and interior, you're going to feel a lot cooler in this than in a box-like MPV. 

The Land Rover Discovery also drives like a dream, with the V6 Diesel option being a highlight. This thing is a beast off-road, so it's perfect for any family adventures you might be planning.

Standout Features: 

  • All seven seats are motorised and easily foldable for minimum stress.
  • 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission.


  • Seriously luxurious. 
  • Full of great tech, ultra-safe, and a pleasure to live with. 


  • Biggest model yet - a nightmare to park.
  • Even the entry-level model is nearly 50k, so you might need to get all of the kids on the paper run to afford this.
71 viewed this car Discovery SW View Gallery

Land Rover Discovery SW

19 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 4.0
  • Fuel: D, P
  • Body: 4x4
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 189 - 397g/km

From £497.81 Per Month

Initial Rental: £4,480.29 inc VAT
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While the Volkswagen Touran is more of a ‘big Golf’, the Sharan lets you know up front that it’s a 7-seater MPV.

An all-around huge car, the Sharan oozes practicality, and is so comfortable you could probably live in it for a few days.

That being said, the Sharan is unfortunately a bit dull-looking, but what do you expect?! Volkswagen realises you can’t have it all, and instead attempts to create the most practical 7-seater on the market. 

While not as luxurious as a Volvo, or as fun to drive as say a Ford, the Sharan is fantastic, practical 7-seater for big families.

Standout Features: 

  • Electric sunroof.
  • Height adjustable drivers seat with lumbar support. 


  • Built quality is excellent.
  • Boot space is huge.


  • Expensive for what it is. 
  • Engine options are lacking - only one petrol option available.
22 viewed this car Sharan Estate View Gallery

Volkswagen Sharan Estate

11 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.8
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: None

From £365.44 Per Month

Initial Rental: £4,385.28 inc VAT
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The old 5008 was the stereotypical 7-seater 'Dad Car'. When you looked at it long enough, you could actually hear distant echoes of your children fighting in the backseat.

Shockingly, the 5008 looks amazing now. Peugeot have ditched the grim-looking MPV body and has instead gone for a super classy SUV style.This is a good move from Peugeot, as the demand for SUVs in the UK has skyrocketed in recent years.

The 2019 5008 deserves its place on our best 7-seater list: it's a great looking car that doesn't sacrifice style and fun for practicality.  

Standout Features: 

  • 12.3-inch head-ups display. 
  • 8.0-inch touchscreen with mirror screen.


  • Layout of the cabin has been well thought out. 
  • A really comfortable experience for all involved.


  • A bit boring to drive.
  • No all-wheel drive options available.
31 viewed this car 5008 Estate View Gallery

Peugeot 5008 Estate

23 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.0
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: Estate
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 102 - 181g/km

From £265.19 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,182.28 inc VAT
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The XC90 is the classy 7-seater for those who aren't into the Discovery. In fact, the XC90 might actually be a better looking car. The interior has a great minimalist design, making for a stunning, upmarket experience 

Unlike some 7-seaters SUVs, the XC90 has a highly practical boot even when in 7-seat mode. You’ll also be in good hands, as Volvo has included every possible safety feature you can imagine.

Volvo has also recently jumped on the hybrid train, so if you need a 7-seater but also want great fuel economy, the XC90 is a no-brainer. 

Standout Features: 

  • Volvo HomeLink, so you can control your garage and external lights from your car.
  • Great lane keeping aid. 


  • A luxurious experience all round. 
  • Super comfortable to drive.


  • Petrol engines are not the best.
  • Touch screen is a bit cluttered and hard to use.
102 viewed this car Xc90 Estate View Gallery

Volvo Xc90 Estate

28 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 4.4
  • Fuel: P, D, X
  • Body: 4x4
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 49 - 322g/km

From £374.99 Per Month

Initial Rental: £4,499.88 inc VAT
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The SEAT MPV, the Alhambra, keeps it old-school with its appearance, sticking with that oh-so-glamorous box on wheels look.

Unlike in its SUV competitors, the Alhabamra's rear seats are properly useable, even for those of us towering around and above the 6 foot mark. 

The 1.4-litre petrol engine is impressive. It's really quiet, even under load, and makes for a smooth driving experience. And while a 'fun to drive MPV' is an oxymoron (SEAT do the best they can), the Alhambra handles really well.

You can tell SEAT is owned by Volkswagen by the interior quality, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, this increase in class has also translated to an increase in price. So while still affordable, the Alhambra isn't quite the steal it once was. 

Standout Features: 

  • Electric panoramic sunroof.
  • Dark tinted rear windows.


  • Build quality is excellent. 
  • More luxurious than its outward appearance would have you believe.


  • The exterior is a bit dull.
  • Not as cheap as it used to be. 
25 viewed this car Alhambra Estate View Gallery

Seat Alhambra Estate

9 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 1.4 - 2.8
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: None

From £301.69 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,715.21 inc VAT
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Ah yes, yet another classic Dad car given a serious makeover. With a futuristic exterior with a slick sweeping roofline, the Grand Scenic is a nice looking car that really stands out amongst other MPVS. 

To be fair, this style is probably a hit or a miss for most. We think it's a refreshing take on arguably the most boring car body available. With 20 inch (!) wheels, the Grand Scenic is a quirky looking car. 

While far from sporty, the Grand Scenic drives pretty well for a people carrier and the diesel engine option is particularly good, delivering a solid fuel economy and some punchy acceleration. 

With a huge 8.7 inch infotainment screen, there's some great tech on offer here. Renaults R-Link multimedia system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible, so you can put your ‘Relax’ playlist on to drown out the noise of your often- insufferable children.

Standout Features:  

  • 'Edge Light' tech gives the tail lights a 3D effect.
  • Active Emergency Braking System that has pedestrian detection.


  • Unique exterior styling.
  • Interior is well designed with great storage potential.


  • Engine options are underwhelming.

The 'unique exterior styling' might not be to your taste.

33 viewed this car Grand Scenic Estate View Gallery

Renault Grand Scenic Estate

12 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 1.2 - 2.0
  • Fuel: P, D, Y
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 94 - 205g/km

From £239.44 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,873.28 inc VAT
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For many, the Ford Galaxy is the quintessential 7-seater and is a familiar sight on Britain's roads. So, how does it compare with more modern options?

The bigger, more sensible brother of the highly rated S-Max, the Galaxy manages to pair class-leading practicality along with providing Ford's signature driving experience.

Unlike the Ford S-Max, the Galaxy allows fully grown adults to sit in the rear seats for more than a few minutes without losing the will to live. 

While the Galaxy is rocking the vintage 'box' look, and the interior isn't quite as fancy as competitors, it's still a great car for the price. 

Standout Features: 

  • Active Park Assist to make fitting in those tiny spaces less painful. 
  • Ford’s efficient EcoBoost engines make an appearance.


  • Engine options are great. 
  • Practicality is outstanding. 


  • Uninspired design inside and out. 
  • No rear USB sockets, which is standard on most competitors.
28 viewed this car Galaxy Estate View Gallery

Ford Galaxy Estate

22 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.8
  • Fuel: P, D, F
  • Body: MPV
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: None

From £305.33 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,747.97 inc VAT
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Skoda's design team need a raise - the Kodiaq does not look like a £23k car. The Kodiaq sports a really classy interior that can easily compete with far more expensive competitors. 

Sporting the ever-popular SUV design, the Kodiaq offers a decent 7-seat experience while still having a boot that's good enough for daily use. 

Where the Kodiaq shines is its value for money. It's one of the cheapest options on this list, but packs many of the same features as the big boys. 

If an MPV isn't for you and you fancy a nice looking SUV 7-seater on a budget, the Kodiaq is the car for you. 

The Kodiaq has impressed the rest of the motoring world too, winning the Auto-Trader award for Best 7-seater Car in 2019.

Standout Features: 

  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatible.
  • Wireless charging for your phone.


  • Great looking car, not at risk of looking like you're a taxi driver in a 7-seater.
  • 1.4-litre engine is surprisingly punchy. 


  • Base models are lacking - standard audio system is poor.

Third row seats aren’t great for long journeys.

59 viewed this car Kodiaq Estate View Gallery

Skoda Kodiaq Estate

38 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 2.0
  • Fuel: P, D
  • Body: Estate
  • Drive: M, A
  • CO2: 131 - 170g/km

From £235.64 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,120.80 inc VAT
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Why these cars?

If you’ve made it onto the list for our best 7-seater cars of 2019, you’re:

  • Practical (duh!): While 7 seats is a given, they need to be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time  
  • Stylish: There's just too many car options around to be driving something around you can’t stand the look of. Thankfully, seven-seater cars aren’t terrible looking these days - no matter your taste, you're bound to find at least a couple of options on our list that you like the look of 

So rejoice! Being bullied into purchasing a 7-seater 'for the kids' no longer has to be a miserable affair. 

Unfortunately for you, 7-seaters tend to be quite expensive to buy up front, as most of us don't have £20-50k sitting around. 

Fortunately for you, you can check out LeaseFetcher for some seriously affordable lease deals! With one monthly payment, you can get a 7-seater that you can live with - and who knows, you might actually end up enjoying it.