Are you sick and tired of being late to work because of an unreliable bus or train? Have you had enough of not being able to feel your toes on those cold winter mornings? 

For first time buyers, ‘budgeteers’, or people on the hunt for a reliable runner, there’s nothing more satisfying than bragging about your ‘cheap and cheerful’ car that gets you from ‘A to B’ hassle-free. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s an almighty difference between a cheap, run-down banger and a dependable bargain. 

There’s no point in getting a car for a cut-throat price that inevitably sees you becoming a season-ticket holder at the garage or has you praying every time you turn on the ignition.

So that’s why we’re here to guide you through an honest review of the cheapest new cars in 2019, so you can tailor-make your decision for a reliable car at an easy on the pocket price.   

Is a cheap car right for me?

A cheap car doesn’t automatically subject you to a stressful relationship with your car, not anymore! With fierce competition , there is no room for mediocrity in today's automotive industry. 

Yes, you might not have a commanding SUV with digital touch screen dashboards, electronic seats or voice recognition, but do you REALLY need all those?

If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable and practical car, a small car is a no-brainer. It does exactly the same thing as a £100,000 Jaguar, it gives you the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you.

Advantages of a cheap car:

Cheap and cheerful: If you look after your car, there’s no reason to be worried about forking out a fortune on up-keep. Go easy on the pedals, gearbox etc, adhere to maintenance schedules, be road smart and your car should live a long and happy life!

Stress-free: Smaller cars can be dead cheap. You won’t be looking over your shoulder every month wondering why you opted for a car you can’t pay for.  

Build your credit rating: If you’ve got a low credit score, buying a cheap car can help you build it back up. If you’ve got no credit (potential first-time buyers) it’s an opportunity to establish a healthy credit rating.

Reliability: Because  the competition is so high -  safety and reliability is a staple for all manufacturers.

Opportunity: Cheap cars give people the opportunity to drive to work, go on a remote camping trip, help out in an emergency etc. The options are endless and give you a true appreciation of having access to a car.

Right, that’s enough jabbering on from me, let’s get stuck in! 

Starting from cheapest up, here’s our list of the top 13 cheapest new cars of 2019 for you to wrap your chops around. Let’s turn those road trip fantasies into a reality!

This quirky hatchback might be the cheapest new car out there.

Available at an unbeatable entry-level price the robust Sandero provides a pleasant amount of head, leg and shoulder space that many of its competitors do not. Boot space is also surprisingly impressive.  

The Sandero is also available in a range of five different trims. However, the cheapest ‘Access’ model isn’t blessed with many features (not even a stereo), but one jump up to the ‘Ambiance’ model offers you both air conditioning and a digital radio for a very marginal price increase.

The Dacia Sandero might get a bit of stick for being the cheapest car on the market, but it really is good value for money, spacious and inexpensive to run. A real modest car with bags of practicality.

Stand-out Features:

  • Rear parking sensors.
  • 320L boot with all seats up and 1,200L with rear seats down.


  • Most affordable car on the market.
  • Pleasantly spacious.
  • Reliable and economical engine.


  • Entry-level model very bare.
  • Cheap looking interior.
  • 3* EuroNCAP safety rating.

Dacia strikes again with their penetratingly affordable prices. This time with their impressively roomy five-door Logan MCV (maximum capacity vehicle) estate car. 

Arguably better value for money than the Sandero, the tidy Logan MCV has a humongous boot - the largest you’ll find on your budget. With a whopping 573L of boot space with the rear seats up there’s more than enough room for multiple golf clubs or plenty of baggage. 

Dacia’s renowned large windows make it a pleasure rather than a chore to park and drive through the city streets. The dark, plasticky interior might feel like you’ve been teleported back to the 80s, but I’m sure that’s not at the top of your priority list.

Stand-out Features:

  • Thousands of pounds cheaper than smaller estate cars.
  • Huge boot space.


  • Great price.
  • Incredibly spacious.
  • Big, clear windows.


  • Dull interior might make you fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Entry model extremely basic.
  • Uncomfortable seats.

Competing with the Kia Picanto and Volkswagen Up for practicality, the Celerio is a genuine and dependable option if you don’t want to break the bank.

This compact five-seater provides a generous amount of head and leg room with the luxury of adjustable seats. Although it comes with three seats belts in the back, we wouldn’t advise giving a lift to the local rugby team. It’ll be more along the lines of three young children.

If you’re looking for batmobile-esque gadgets, you might want to keep looking. All versions do however, come with a DAB radio and the ‘SZ3’ trim comes fully loaded with air-conditioning, Bluetooth and alloy wheels.

The Suzuki Celerio comes with a three-year 60,000 mile warranty, clearly backing its reliability factor. So, if you’re looking for dependable, cheap and frugal car to scoot about town with, the Celerio should be a genuine option.

Stand-out Features:

  • Electric front windows.
  • 57.8mpg (Miles Per Gallons) in What Car’s real-world True MPG tests - the best result than any other city car they’ve tested.


  • Suzuki are notoriously reliable.
  • Cheap to buy and run.
  • Comfortably spacious.


  • Interior very boring.
  • 3* Euro NCAP safety rating.
  • Out-dated infotainment system 

The impressively adept and spacious Hyundai i10 is an ideal candidate if you’re looking for a versatile small city car. 

The i10 is short in length for those tight city spaces and tall in height ensuring a comfortable journey for a maximum of five people.

Competing with the Kia Picanto and Volkswagen Up, the Hyundai i10 punches above its as well as being the cheapest option. 

Small on the outside and roomy on the inside makes the Hyundai i10 a breath of fresh air to nip around town in. Built to last and compete with more expensive small cars, the i10 is great value for money and undeniably practical.

Stand-out features:

  • Offers more rear passenger space than any other city car.
  • Second most reliable car in the supermini class - VW Up taking the top spot.


  • Spacious interior.
  • Minimal road and wind noise.
  • Automatic and Manual options available.


  • Slow engines.
  • Lacks character.
  • Lack of features on basic models.

The Toyota Aygo is a quirky little hatchback with five different trims and a flamboyant range of colours to choose from. Toyota are one of the biggest and most reliable names in the game, so you’d expect nothing more than their Aygo model to live up to the high standards set.

Engine wise, the Aygo is pretty much like-for-like with the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 108. The biggest difference being that the Aygo is evidently cheaper and comes with a five-year warranty compared to the other cars’ 3 year warranties.

The Aygo has exceptionally light steering and surprisingly comfortable seats (including lower back support) for a car at this price. 

If you’re opting for a unique and funky style, but also want a budget-friendly, reliable trooper, the Toyota Aygo is well worth a test drive.

Stand-out Features:

  • Unique exterior and colour options.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Easy to drive.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Extremely reliable.


  • Tiny interior space.
  • Basic model very budget.
  • Small boot space.

The Citroen C1 has bucket-loads of character inside and out. With a quirky exterior and flamboyant interior, the Citroen C1 adds a lot more panache than many other small city cars in this price range.

As we already mentioned, the C1 shares the same engine with both the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108. This makes the different styling, pricing and specifications all the more important for the C1.

You have the option of a basic three-door, the more convenient five-door and the luxurious open-top Airspace mode.

Performance wise, the Citroen could have a little more oomph. Around town, it's a great wee runner, but when it comes to motorway driving, the Citroen starts to struggle. 

The Citroen C1 is a perfectly decent car at an alarmingly low price. With unique character, the Citroen C1 is a nimble and reliable car for driving around town. Step further afield and the C1 struggles to outperform most of its rivals head-to-head.

Stand-out Features:

  • Retractable fabric-roof on Airspace model.
  • All models above the entry-level trim come installed with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. 


  • Cheap to buy and run.
  • Quirky exterior.
  • Solid personalisation options.


  • Bumpy ride.
  • Similarly priced cars better to drive.
  • Cheap looking interior.

MG are renowned for churning out high quality and attractive looking sporty-style cars for drivers on a budget. Both nippy and elegant, the MG3 flies the flag as the British manufacturer’s only hatchback model.

At low speeds the MG3 feels fairly sluggish, and once you do pick up the pace an unavoidable engine noise can become tedious very quickly. 

The handling on the MG3 is exactly what you want for a car that has some degree of ‘va va voom’ behind it. The steering is nicely weighted and the grip gives you the luxury to stretch the MG3’s legs.

The interior cabin is pleasingly spacious and the boot offers a great deal of practicality. There’s more space in the MG3 than competitor cars like the Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto so you don’t have to worry about any backseat drivers complaining.

The noteworthy 8.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system is relatively easy to control and easy on the eye. Although, equipped with Apple CarPlay and smartphone mirroring, MG have missed a trick by leaving Android users to fend for themselves.

Stand-out Features: 

  • Seven-year 80,000 mile warranty.
  • Considerably quicker than any car in the price range.


  • Sleek handling and steering.
  • Spacious cabin.
  • Sporty-style.


  • Noisy to drive.
  • Sluggish engine. 
  • Cheap-looking cabin.

Completing the third leg of the 71bhp 1.0L three-cylinder petrol engine ‘tripod’ we have the Peugeot 108. However, this delightful little city car has developed an identity that’s hard to match.

We wouldn’t advise you pick the 108 if you’re constantly trekking up and down the motorway, but the 108 feels right at home cruising the city streets.

The well supported seats provide a combined level of comfort and alertness for both driver and passengers. 

The 108 offers a sharp 7.0 inch touchscreen system on all models apart from the entry-level. It connects to Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, however the latest iphone is too futuristic for this tech-hipster car. 

The Peugeot 108 is a respected car for a great price. The 108 is also cheap as chips to run and darts around town like a dream. A great option if you’re on a budget, although it does lack a bit of character.

Stand-out Features:

  • Low emissions and fuel economy.
  • Funky looks.


  • Cheap running costs.
  • Great size for city driving.
  • Impressive infotainment system.


  • Lack of space in the rear.
  • Cheap looking interior.
  • Very noisy.

Fiat have always had the reputation of building stylish, reliable and affordable city cars - one of the reasons you see so many roaming the roads. With its unique square rear, the Fiat Panda is a good alternative to the Volkswagen UP and Hyundai i10.

The towering body of the Panda allows for plenty of head and leg room in the front, however it’s the same old story in the back as leg room is rather tight. The boot is shaped well to pile things up, but the depth lets the Panda down a little bit.

The infotainment is modest and simple to get your head around. The entry-level ‘Pop’ model comes kitted out with a CD player and electric front windows, but if you dig a little deeper the ‘Easy’ trim level has the luxury of air-con, an upgraded stereo and a remote controlled locking system.

The Fiat Panda has plenty of prowess and is a real work-horse through city streets. It has plenty of character inside and out, although it did score zero stars in their 2019 EuroNCAP safety test which is a tad worrying.

Stand-out Features:

  • 4x4 option for you thrill-seekers.
  • Tall body allowing for plenty of head room.


  • Bags of character.
  • Economical choice of engines.
  • Unique look.


  • Tight rear leg room.
  • Terrible safety rating.
  • More talented alternatives.

Kia take a bow. This stand-out, five-door city car offers the whole sha-bang for a seriously affordable price. The Picanto looks classy, runs well and really is the definition of ‘cheap and cheerful’.

Space is aplenty in the front seats so you won’t be rubbing shoulders with your front seat passenger. Five-doors make piling into the back a whole lot easier than some of its similarly priced rivals. Three adults may be a tight squeeze however, and leg room could be better, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons in terms of space. 

Unlike many entry-level models the Kia Picanto 1, 2 and GT-Line trims come with an AM/FM radio and a 3.8inch monochrome screen. The upper trims provide a whole host of handy specs and features including a crisp 7.0 inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring. 

We’re not lying when we say the Kia Picanto is one of the very best performing city cars. One of the best value for money cars around, the Picanto handles gracefully, looks smart and is extremely practical and reliable. An absolute winner in our books.

Stand-out Features:

  • Huge boot space.
  • Amazing seven-year warranty.


  • Tremendous value for money.
  • Great in tight spaces.
  • Superior handling to alternative options.


  • Engines can be noisy.
  • Could be faster.
  • Standard models lack a decent infotainment system.

You always know what you’re going to get with a Volkswagen car. Precision, innovation and quality. The Up is no different. Arguably, the most desireable and highest performer on our list, the Up is well worth the money.

Across the board, the Up excels. Suspension is controlled and you won’t feel inferior at high speeds or motorway driving, unlike many of its peers. Handling is extremely sharp and precise, steering is light, and tyre grip is solid.

The interior provides a welcome breath of fresh air in terms of quality. Even the entry-level trims feel posh and sophisticated inside.

Enjoyable to drive and surprisingly chic inside, the Up really does set the benchmark for a high-quality city car.

Stand-out Features:

  • All-electric version available called the E-Up
  • Classy interior.


  • Fun to drive.
  • Cracking build quality.
  • Frugal engines.


  • Kia Picanto better value for money.
  • Non-turbo engines sluggish.
  • Only a four-seater

The Mitsubishi Mirage has a pleasant ring to it doesn’t it? The mirage is small, but boastingly roomy and has low enough running costs to make it a genuine option. 

It’s very much a hassle-free “does what it says on the tin” type of car, but potentially a wee bit too expensive in comparison to more accomplished competitors.

The Mirage comes fitted with a relatively powerful 1.2L petrol engine that is more than capable of darting around town. Helped by light steering, the Mirage has an exceptional turning circle, but unfortunately that’s about it. There are far more comfortable driving vehicles out there at a cheaper cost.

For a car that looks like its been reincarnated from the 90s (being generous), the Mirage entry-level ‘3’ trim comes kitted out with a radio, CD player, Bluetooth, while also being AUX compatible and four speakers. Actually not bad for a car in this price range. 

It’s hard to get excited about the Mitsubishi Mirage when there are so many other cars excelling at a cheaper price. It’s relatively spacious and cheap to run, but it just doesn’t cut the mustard with the high-level of competition these days.

Stand-out Features:

  • Five-year Warranty.
  • More spacious than alternative city cars.


  • Entry-level kit impressive.
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Easy to drive in town


  • Alternatives cost less.
  • Cheap and outdated interior.
  • Lacks quality.

The Dacia Duster instantly stands out from the crowd with its four-wheel drive off-roading capabilities. The most affordable SUV on the market, the Duster is the perfect option if you’re looking for an extremely affordable and attractive family-friendly car. 

Space is a huge selling point for the Duster. It’s noticeably roomier than any car in the same price range and the tall doors make getting in and out simple and, boot space is terrific.

The Duster is by far the cheapest SUV out there, but as you may have guessed this comes at a price. The entry-level ‘Access trim’ is scarcely bare. You’ve got space to fit a radio, but you are left to your own devices to buy and fit one. 

On the other end of the ‘spec-trim’, the ‘Comfort trim’ comes with the works. A 7.0 inch touchscreen installed with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will have you laughing at all those fancy-pants SUVs that cost a fortune.

If you’ve got a growing family or just looking for a more spacious car you can’t go wrong with this truly reliable and exceptionally budget-friendly SUV. 


Stand-out Features:

  • New electric power steering. 
  • Cheapest SUV going.


  • Spacious Cabin.
  • Off-road capability.
  • Family-friendly.


  • Entry-level model bare.
  • Cheap interior.
  • Poor safety score.

Well there we are folks, I hope that felt like a good haul at the clearance section of the supermarket!

Looking back, it’s safe to say that the increasing level of competition between manufacturers can only be a good thing for price savvy buyers. The standard has been set and there are an impressive range of cheap cars to feast your eyes upon in 2019.

If you’re ready to get your hands on a juicy bargain  and make your mark on the roads then head over to LeaseFetcher to get affordable car lease deals on your favourite new cheap cars of 2019.