Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Lease

A snazzy convertible that oozes style, the Mercedes C Class Cabriolet is an attention grabber. Its high-tech cabin is packed with innovative features and is surprisingly spacious. With lush looks and a comfortable drive, this elegant Mercedes model is luxury in every sense. Explore our great C Class range leasing deals for this premium model below.


2 trims available

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Mercedes C Class Cabriolet AMG LIne Edition

2 engine choices available

From £471.75 Per Month

Initial Rental: £5,661.00 inc VAT
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Mercedes C Class Cabriolet AMG Line Edition Premium

4 engine choices available

From £501.40 Per Month

Initial Rental: £6,016.80 inc VAT

Leasing a Mercedes C Class Cabriolet

Background to the Mercedes C Class Cabriolet

Updated in 2018, the Mercedes C Class Cabriolet maintains the classic, luxurious feel of this prestigious German brand, while including all of the freshest technology and new features. The two-door convertible has up to 285 litres of boot space, bringing the luxury and styling of the popular E Class in a more compact body size. Other models in the range include the Mercedes C Class Coupe, the Mercedes C Class Estate and the Mercedes C Class Saloon.

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Engines and Performance

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabriolet comes with a choice of engine size and fuel type so you can personalise your car lease to fit your lifestyle. The entry-level engine for the cabriolet C200 is an efficient 1.6-litre engine, returning 44 mpg. The next petrol engine up is a 3.0-litre twin-turbo which packs a punch at 385bhp, reaching 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds. If you're after a diesel engine for your car lease, the 194hp C220d returns 56mpg or the C300d offers the most powerful drive, reaching 0-62mph in an impressive 6.3 seconds. Every engine comes with a nine-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Trim Levels

When you've decided to lease a Mercedes C Class Cabriolet, you'll have the choice of upgrading to the AMG Line Premium trim level. As well as the extensive list of standard equipment, this trim level comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a 10.25-inch infotainment screen and keyless entry, along with additional performance kit. The Cabriolet also comes with a warm-air-blowing Airscarf and Aircap aerodynamic device to reduce buffering, helping to keep the driver and passenger warm with the roof down.

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Safety and Infotainment Features

The Mercedes C Class Cabriolet lease comes with a whole range of snazzy features, including wireless charging, smartphone integration, sat nav and a 10.3-inch infotainment display as standard. In terms of safety, the Cabriolet has you covered, with a driving assist package including cruise control and a parking assist package with a 360-degrees camera, along with lots of grip with the all-wheel drive 4Matic offering.

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Servicing and Warranty

Mercedes recommends servicing your C Class Cabriolet every 12 months or 15,000 miles. As with all Lease Fetcher cars, your Mercedes vehicle will be brand new and is covered by the manufacturer warranty for the first three years, letting you drive with peace of mind.

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Finding a Mercedes C Class Cabriolet Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

At Lease Fetcher, we take pride in curating the best leasing deals from the top car BVRLA leasing brokers across England, Wales and the rest of the UK. Whatever your budget size and mileage requirements, and whether you're looking for a business leasing offer or personal contract hire, we can help you drive away with a great Mercedes-Benz C Class cabriolet lease deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Mercedes C Class Cabriolet?

The cost of your Mercedes C Class boils down to a range of choices about contract length and any add-on features and additional extras. Depending on the trim and engine size - along with factors such as your initial payment sum, annual mileage requirements and whether you take a business lease excluding vat, the overall cost of the lease can vary significantly.

Is it better to buy or lease a Mercedes C Class Cabriolet?

There are a number of advantages to leasing a Mercedes car over buying your vehicle new. For one, you get to enjoy all the thrills of a brand new car without having to pay a large lump sum upfront. Instead, you can spread out the costs in manageable monthly payments. You’ll also get to enjoy all of the most up-to-date technology and gadgets without the worry of depreciation and long-term maintenance.

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