Mercedes C-Class Saloon Lease

The C-Class Saloon is an impressive compact executive saloon with a quality interior and exceptional onboard tech. With an array of engines offering impressive economy and performance, It’s the perfect car for both work and play, business and family life.  Less More

The C-Class Saloon is the sportier alternative to the C-Class Estate. It’s larger than the A-Class Saloon, though if you need the space (and you’re willing to spend a little extra), the E-Class SaloonS-Class Saloon and the all-electric EQS offer more room inside and an even higher standard of finish.

There’s a huge selection of engines to choose between, from the affordable (but by no means unimpressive) C200 Sport to the best-selling and most fuel-efficient C300e. With CO2 emissions of just 14g/km, it’s a solid choice for executives looking to reduce their BiK tax.

The C-Class Saloon perfectly encapsulates the Mercedes design philosophy of sensual purity. A glistening ‘diamond’ grille takes centre stage, complemented by a sleek silhouette. The fifth-generation has a lower roofline, twin ‘power bulges’ on the bonnet, and accentuated shoulder lines which amount to a more purposeful, sportier stance.

The interior fit and finish is first class, and the view from the driver’s seat is reminiscent of the much pricier S-Class. The dashboard is dominated by an 11.9-inch portrait infotainment screen, while a 12.3-inch driver’s binnacle display assists in navigation. Operated by touch or voice command, the Mercedes MBUX system is a joy to use. 

Is your mind on the next big meeting? Blind Spot Assistance will warn you of potential collisions, while Active Parking Assistance will helpfully find your next parking space and reverse into it.

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